The Book of Lambspring [Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thank you for checking out this book by. The Book Of Lambspring: A Noble Ancient Philosopher Concerning The Philosophical Stone [Arthur Edward Waite, Nicholas Bernaud Delphinas] on. Opening the Book of Lambspring Christopher Bradford. A Guide to the Underworld. Published in November, 66 pages.

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Book of Lambspring

A savage Dragon lives in the forest, Most venomous he is, yet lacking nothing: I will conduct thee everywhere, To the summit of the loftiest mountain, That thou mayest understand all wisdom, That thou mayest behold the greatness of the earth, and of the sea, And thence derive true pleasure. A nest is found in the forest, In which Hermes has his brood; One fledgling always strives to fly upward, The other rejoices to sit quietly in the nest; Yet neither can get away from the other.

They feature in trademark form, generally, two animals to show the dynamics of the binary system and the learning that can be had.

Here this same winged dragon appears to be engulfed by its own act. The ship is no more. Period 16th century 17th century 18th century 21st century. The previous quote referring to the fishes “without any flesh or bones” simply means a state of unmanifested potential. Christian-heavy symbolism abides here. Conclusion Figure I can traditionally be bopk as a description of the nature of reality.

Here the Father sweats on account of the Son, And earnestly beseeches God, Who has everything in His hands, Who creates, and has created all things, To bring forth his Son from his body, And to restore him to his former life.

By the grace of God they abide for ever, The Father and the Son, triumphing gloriously In the splendour of their new Kingdom. So also do we rejoice at all times, That we hold the female eagle fast in o way, And we render thanks to God the Father.

You’ll notice also that behind the three figures a bed sheet is suspended and hangs on two pillars.


The Book of Lambspring

We are told by the text, which I will refer to here due to its significance: During our kf of lakbspring, such experiences can turn away an initiate and also can potentially expose him to mental breakdowns and even to psychosis.

A stream of masculine and feminine aspects integrated into one whole being. Showing creatures of land would have been misleading. Adam McLean has published such an attempt for the English speaking world.

The Book of Lambspring: Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas: : Books

This reflection is an earnest effort to highlight the reality that alchemy is much more than chemical manipulation and that our brothers of old also knew this important insight. I will bear thee through the air To the gates of highest heaven.

Understand well the meaning of this head: Share your thoughts with other customers. Wouldn’t it make more sense that the ego would then want to subjugate their Higher Self? He quickly consumes his venom, For he devours his poisonous tail.

One kills the other, And from them comes a great poison. So we’re taught again that ‘what is above, is manifested in what is below’, lambsprin by our Guide. Compendium Naturalis Home About.

While this would be sufficient for a purely intellectual initiate as a mark of success, there’s gook to the story here … the most difficult decision befalls our initiate now. No other animal or humanoid elements are present.

Now hear of a wonderful deed, For I will teach you great things, How the King rises high above all his race; And hear also what the noble lord of the forest says: These the Master must catch, Though they are swift and fierce, And of terrible and savage aspect.

The Body is mortified and rendered white, then joined to Soul and Spirit by being saturated with them. The other in submissive position, from the bottom looking up. Freud would also be proud of such psychoanalytic interpretation, no doubt. In some versions of this Figure VII, the snail at the foot of the tree is deleted or one may reason, that this version added this concept.

Lambspribg us just say that here we’ll see this as the inner fire of purification, energy, or in terms of physics, as frequency.


Smoke is rising as this fire “imparts to it a most glorious hue” quoting here from the translated text. The sleeping Father is here changed Entirely into limpid water, And by virtue of this water alone The good work is accomplished.

In other words, initiation is not an intellectual pursuit but a very real shift of energetic transformation. Bopk more about Amazon Giveaway. It doesn’t have to be.


Day by day, during several weeks; Thus in this one vile thing You will discover and bring to perfection the whole work of Philosophy, Which to most men appears impossible, Though it is a convenient and easy task. However, while the sword is an addition to the armoury of the knight, the unicorn’s horn grows out of its head, naturally. I will say no more on this significant lambsprinv other than to encourage the reader if he or she wishes to do so to research this notion.

This detail draws upon, yet again, an action similar to that of ripples on the face of a pond created by the impact of an object. The “poison” that this text alludes to is perceived by the initiate, undergoing initiation, as death of identity. Links facebook wikipedia scribd green guild.

O God the Father, which art of all the beginning and end, We beseech thee for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ To enlighten our minds and thoughts, That we may praise Thee without ceasing, And accomplish this Book according to Thy will! It should also be stated that proper initiation is primarily about connecting the initiate with their Higher Self.

Theophania Publishing June 1, Language: Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. One would think it odd then, in this vanity, that a work associated with alchemical lmabspring so clearly would contain evidence of the fo work’. It’s not an authoritative reflection, truthfully, not meant to be one.