Bogra Formula. While taking over charge as Prime Minister, Muhammad Ali Bogra declared Constitution making as one of his primary targets. He worked hard. He presented the formula to the “onstituent Assembly on #th $ctober %&'(and it is known as the Bogra formula.)he ma or features of the formula were* •)he. Third Report: Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula () According to 2nd Report: The proposals were revised in the light of the criticism on 2nd.

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In the East Pakistan Assembly adopted a resolution and made Bengali the national language of the country along with Urdu.

Bogra supported the Muslim League’s call for creation of Pakistan through the partition of British India and successfully defended his constituency in the general elections held in Unlike the two reports of the Basic Principles Committee, botra Bogra Formula was appreciated by different sections of the society. There was great enthusiasm amongst the masses as they considered it to be a plan that could bridge the gulf between the two wings of Pakistan and would act as a source of unity for the country.

Imperialism and Bengali nationalism”.


Retrieved 12 July Allah, the Army, and America’s War on Terror. During his brief tenure, he tried to bridge the gap between East and West Pakistan. The major features of the formula were:. Soon after his appointment, he visited China where he began talks with the Chinese leadership that eventually led the historical and peaceful settlement with China on Pakistan’s final frontiers in North. Under pressure by the United States, Bogra eventually took initiatives to strengthen ties with India by first addressing the Kashmir issue with India.


Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula ()

Unlike the two reports of the Basic Principle Committee, Bogra Formula was appreciated by different sections of the society. Retrieved 3 July Soon after the appointment, acting Governor-General Mirza began having confrontation with Prime Minister Bogra on regional disparity though both were Bengali and were from Bengal, and forced the Prime Minister Bogra to resign that ended Bogra administration. Retrieved from ” https: In Foreign Service society of Pakistan, Bogra gained a reputation of “a man who was known for his excessive praise of everything American.

In a speech, Jinnah declared that Bengali could be an official language for the province of East Pakistan but there could only be one official state language, which was Urdu. In place of the Board of Ulama, the Supreme Court forumla given the power to decide if a law was formul accordance with the bkgra teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Mohammad Ali Bogra grew up in Bograhaving studied first at the local Hastings House and then educated at the local Islamic madrassa lit. Distance was not the only hindrance in inspiring unity between East fogmula West Pakistan. Prime Ministers of Pakistan List. Crises, Conflicts and Hope for a Change.


The proposal was discussed in the Constituent Assembly for 13 days and then a committee was set to draft the constitution.

East Pakistan | Humshehri

So in all both the wings were to have seats each in the two houses of the Legislative Assembly. National Assembly and the Senate. In the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan decided that the Bengali and Urdu would be the national languages of Pakistan.

The United States, India, and Pakistan. Retrieved 9 July Retrieved 10 July A total of 50 seats were reserved for formupa Upper House.

The Formula was discussed in the Constituent Assembly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The proposal was discussed in the Constituent Assembly for 13 days, and a committee was set to draft the constitution on 14th November P, tribal areas and the nogra located in N.

The framework proposed the establishment of more effective bicameral parliament that would be composed of National Assembly and the Senate with equal representation from then- five provinces: Muhammad Ali Bogra Pakistan Herald. Pakistan’s Drift Into Extremism: