Bob Pozen–Harvard Business School lecturer, prolific author, financial-industry heavyweight–tackles more in a month than you manage in a. Category Archives: Extreme Productivity Robert Pozen knows a little something about thriving at the top — he’s the former chairman of MFS. Robert Pozen has had to be efficient to work through the impressive list His latest book is “Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce.

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Rank your key goals for the following week and the following year. They tend, often subconsciously, to value workers who pzoen in overtime and weekend hours.

Previously, he served as the chairman and vice chairman of various large financ Extreme Productivity is a guide to boosting your productivity through time management and expert control over the scope and requirements of your work. This is worth reading. Divide them into supply and demand.

How to achieve extreme productivity

This is the application of systemized common sense,” Pozen said. Prioritize your tasks and invest your time accordingly. I really won’t recommend this.

But it is also not a very practical book–for instance, I’m not planning on quitting my job anytime soon to take up Argentinean dance nor do I want to completely outsource my life. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Decide what your purpose in reading is. Pozen shows that in order to be truly productive, professionals must make a critical shift in their mind-set: He provides professionals with practical tips on how to efficiently use their time in the office—while leading full and productive personal lives lozen well.


Robert Pozen is a very productive person: Summary of Chapter 12 1. Because the conclusion tells you where the writer is going to end up.

Aug 04, Supriya rated it it was ok Posen Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This way you ensure your day is aligned with your goals instead of spent in meetings. This one is tough for me because variety in life and making those daily choices about what to eat and wear can be a small delight. Pozen uses the “OHIO” technique. Equally important oozen the demand side, considering what your organization and your world are looking for.

Summary of Chapter 10 1. This way you ensure your day is aligned with your goals instead of spent in meetings.

Bob Pozen, Master Of Extreme Productivity, Shares His 3 Most Effective

On today’s increasingly crowded globe, human migration can strain infrastructure and resources. I thought there was good advice on all three of these topics in the final chapters. Similarly, as you navigate through the industry, you need to be informed. There are a lot more useful ideas on Lifehacker. In applying the lessons of this book, you should carefully consider your own stage in life and your organization’s culture.


An interesting strategy Pozen advocates for more involved and important projects is to begin with what you think will be your conclusions.

How to achieve extreme productivity

Pozen was clear and concise, with practical tips to increase productivity. To ask other readers questions about Extreme Productivityplease sign up.

There are several up to date practical reconsiderations. May 26, Mary rated it liked it Shelves: This results-driven approach will do away with procrastination, break up big projects and clearly define your working hours. Apr 03, Deden Ramadhan rated it really liked it.

When figuring out your rankings, he suggests keeping in mind what you like extrmee what your strengths are, the purpose behind each goal and how they fit extrrme broader overall needs for you or your organization. I take a blank piece of paper and jot down all my thoughts on the relevant subject.

Pozen manages to succinctly communicate his own success strategies, but he seems smugly grandfatherly. He helps people at all stages of their careers read, write, and make presentations quicker and more effectively.

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