Many people follow investment and risk management strategies similar to those advocated by Bob Brinker. I do not. However, to enlighten. Robert John Brinker (born ) is an American financial advisor and radio host. Since Brinker began publishing the Marketimer newsletter in If you’ve subscribed to Marketimer, please click the stars below to indicate your . I subscribed to Marketimer and listened to Bob Brinker’s Moneytalk radio.

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He continues to write and publish his Marketimer investment letter, and says he is glad to “take his weekends back. That is my fault. He used to talk about asset allocation a lot makretimer ever defining it.

I thought he would help me make the call to move to cash because of his prior history in timing the market. He carried the correct call around like a shiny trophy, but he missed the meltdown completely.

Has been right in the past but totally missed the October downturn. But it’s not really natural to take less-certain studies and advice seriously, is it? The market timing part of his song and dance is flapdoodle. It goes against our intuition, but we have to learn to force ourselves to accept, understand and even embrace that we live in a complex, very messy, very uncertain world. I still listen when station podcasts are available but I can’t do 3 hrs with ads anymore.

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness; Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery. CXO evaluates financial gurus accuracy, here is the bib bringer review from https: He is pretty bogleheadish, but remember his newsletter is called the market time, and I think he has missed more than hit on his timing calls since ge got it right in I do remember him saying the Brinker back in was the guy closet to picking the bottom of the market and telling his subscribers in was time to get back into the market back then.


From experience I have found using a variety of sources, excluding TV, is best for understanding investment strategy. Man, times have changed.


But he completely missed the top and telling people to get out back in I sold off the last of the disasterous QQQ trade this week as part of tax loss selling.

InBrinker joined Provident National Bank as a portfolio manager. Investment Performance Marrketimer from 17 votes. Seems only interested in selling his newsletter anymore. Brinker my least favorite. Brinker missed the most critical timing call of my life time in As nearly as I can tell, they are all the same in several regards: Learn how your comment data is processed.

From our experience, he has been consistently right in both direction and timing.

Markehimer have no use for him now and am better off as a result. I thought a lot of his advice was very good at the time but recognized that market timing and market calls are a fools errand. Never subscribed to his newsletter I am cheap. I love the radio show though. Heard of him but never listened.

Last edited by timmy on Sun Dec 24, 4: I always thought the personal finance questions from callers were entertaining. His disastrous QQQ call didn’t help his reputation though initially he admitted he was wrong.


Bob Brinker’s Land of Critical Mass : Marketimer © Moneytalk Bob Brinker

Market timing marketi,er like baseball. I can also credit him for avoiding any shark attacks. We expect the Nasdaq indexes to post gains well in excess of the broad market indexes during the next cyclical bull market. No one takes a bite out of my wallet.

I took bits and pieces from each and came up with my own plan. June 6, 7: Not sure but I think there was someone who committed suicide as a result of following his bad advice. I found a fellow by the name of Bruce Williams. Customer Service Rating from 11 votes.

I was the only person there, so I got to talk to him a bit. Duringwith all of the financial issues, he stayed in the market and instructed to continue dollar cost averaging into the market. Learned a lot about no-load mutual funds, do-it-yourself investing, and later indexing from him. Inwe heeded brinekr subscriber bulletin and literally doubled our K holdings. A search came up with this, which reviews the situation I was referring to: And that folks is allegedly the best of the market timers.

Robert John Brinker born [1] [2] is an American financial advisor and radio host. There was a very good book a few years ago: Views Read Edit View history. I find his advice to be very much inline with Bogles. August 9, 9: SinceBrinker has hosted the syndicated financial radio show Moneytalk.