You will also have access to dozens of video tutorials that will cover every aspect of building and publishing a FANTASTIC website! With BlueVoda you can. TUTORIAL: Creating a Go Menu in BlueVoda TUTORIAL: Creating a Text Menu in BlueVoda TUTORIAL: Adding HTML in BlueVoda BlueVoda is an offline website builder offered by VodaHost web hosting I highly recommend that you watch their video tutorials – thankfully.

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If youhave a file upload element in your form, you should select this option.

You will see that the images have been added to the website page. However, while most dream of attaining financial freedom, only a handful really put their thoughts into action. With the help of a professional looking website, there was no need for me to get training for learning HTML language, tutirials transfers, web hosting, web domains and more.

I decided to give it a try. Further, you should bluevod a practicepage first so that you can get a feel for BlueVoda and some experience using it before you startconstructing a page which you will publish on the World Wide Web. You can also re-size your image, by dragging any of the handles surrounding the image.

Watch These Tutorials to Create a Website

Saving, Naming, Previewing and Publishing. This website maker helps you to create website within minutes.

Building a web site with BlueVoda is easy if you follow the above steps. The most important part of theconstruction process actually takes place before you open BlueVoda.


Select whether to show or hide the workspace rulers. Unpacking the Installer Optional 7. You see it each and every day: So, I not only tutoriala the services of BlueVoda website maker to the new company owners like me but also suggest the new entrepreneurs who intend to create website for starting an ecommerce site to avail this service. Opens the BlueVoda website builder as well as your default web browser e.

If you require an additional tool for unzipping, you can try IZArc which is a great freeware utility forzipping and unzipping files. It sets the character and tone of your websiteand speaks volumes … possibly more so than the text will.

Alt text is the text that is displayed in the event a visitor has images turned off inthe browser. After going through their online tutorial I really found that in order to create website you need not know rocket science. You can format the text as you like Font type, size, color and position, alignmentetc. Similarly, you can add a Flash element to your page by clicking on the flash icon in the left toolbar.

BlueVoda Website Builder Web Hosting Tutorials

Bluevofa will add a random prefix to the file uploaded, to avoid hackers uploading and running malicious filesPlease note that these are essential features, for a more complete script that will provide much moreboth in terms of security and in terms of features, please visit the Advanced BlueVoda Form Processorthread. I was pretty clear with my understanding that without bleuvoda good website I will not be able to do well with my business and in the context of the modern days business environment I feel blurvoda understanding was absolutely right.


Note that you can see an instant preview of the logos as you make changes in the Preview section of theLogo Properties dialogue window. Saves your active document and requests you to assign a namePublish to it. If in doubt, remember that a white background with black text has been successful forthousands of years! Another important aspect that appealed me was the drag and drop option.

At this point, go ahead and add whateverform elements you wish to display in the form. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, buevoda. It is great for a business like me to use a lot of images and describe about my specialty. Refresh F6 Reloads your active web page within the BlueVoda website builder.

So whether you have a restaurant and want to create website for it then BlueVoda is a great solution for you. One day, as I was browsing the internet I came across a website maker called BlueVoda.

Login Admin Add a change password form to your active web page The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: You Will Love It! Similarly, you canalign any text within the text box left, right or centered by using the align buttons in the toolbar.