As request grew for our own Brick Lane Bikes brand BLB and demand for ‘hard to source’ quality components increased, Brick Lane Bikes’ BigMama distribution. Sign In. slider image. Menu. Brick Lane Bikes. Rack0. Search. slider image · banner. Trending. Picture of BLB La Piovra ATK Frameset – Satin Oxford Blue. Brick Lane Bikes Catalogue username=bricklanebikesBLB tag= bigmama width= height= unit=px] BLB’s Catalogue.

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Dew is by far one of the best riders out in asia at the moment. The Uno is super comfy and totally affordable at Seems to be going the opposite way from the small discreet U-Lock thats designed to be carried on the person as easiy as cataogue, back [ So light on the hand! Not totally sure if we’re free to blog about it but here we go anyway.

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Casey Niestat rides his bike in New York. Due to the wear and tear of polo and trick riding all hollow axles have now been replaced with solid. Emi Brown posted these photos of his New Leader [ To Live and Ride in L.


I just got the new BLB Uno saddle…. That means no more crazy aches in the wrists and forearm. But you ride your polo bike more than any other bike right?

Next ad is reserved for Toddy. More to come soon. Leader By The 5th Floor T So the “Sneak Peak” is no longer very secret. As he shows in this video, that’s not always possible First off just to say that the long awaited so all of those that have pre-ordered they will be shipping asap.

Peter at Brick Lane Bikes shot me over this sneak peak of the new forthcoming Leader – integrated seat clamp looks awesome. So stop buying crap parts and treat yourself.

And so perfect is the look and performance, that changes and updates are simply not needed. To find out more, including how to control cookies, bigg here: Super clean and tidy riding.

This site uses cookies. Just looking through the updated BLB catalogue… Those guys are getting in some great things. I am really digging Cadence’s cycling kit. Koolstop Salmon pads, Nokon cable no noodles!


– Page 53 – The 5th Floor

It currently comes in 3 colour options. Previous 52 53 54 Next.

The design will also be available in our bgi section as a desktop and [ BLB are producing a lot of good quality parts right now. My previous single v-brake was harder to pull than this! So we are planning the next big one Watching the London to Paris catalofue over and over has got us all super hyped for another road trip. By The 5th Floor T He got a ticket from the Police for not riding his bike in the bike lane.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The control is insane. And check all the Paul stuff!