: Black Rain (Japan’s Modern Writers) (): Masuji Ibuse, John Bester: Books. (Black Rain ) The importance of the name of the bomb may seem ineffectual, but he seems to dwell on finding out what caused this type of destruction. Masuji Ibuse’s classic novel “Black Rain” takes readers into the everyday lives of a family poisoned by radiation sickness. The narrative.

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The account is drawn largely from Shizuma’s journal of the war years, but also from that of his niece, Yasuko, and a couple of other people whose paths crossed with his. Also the crying was also from fear of what was going to happen to them now that another country had control of them.

Black Rain by Masuji Ibuse | : Books

Homei’s literature was appealing to Ibuse and would later ibusf some of Ibuse’s literary works. There is a shifting from the relatively orderly present of a year after the bombing, to the recollected past which is all confusion, mass death, cremation pyres all up and down the river shore, and the poor citizens of Hiroshima not understanding what has hit them.

Truly nothing good comes ibus of war. The only prescribed medication was plenty of rest. This more than anything else, it seems to me, is his Japan: It occured to me that the suspicion and paranoia were acting to shove them out as if they were already dead.

Ibuse was known and appreciated for most of his career, although it wasn’t until after the war that he became famous. Mar 13, Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk rated it it was amazing Shelves: The radiation sickness is one of the main causes of concern throughout the story. At the same time, there was a terrifying roar, and that was all I knew.

What happened rxin that, or how much time passed, I do not know. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The story lacks a strong narrative thread a I feel like it has taken me a very long time to get through this book.

Through the lens of the Shizuma family, Ibuse reveals the profound physical, psychological, bblack spiritual impact the Hiroshima bombing had upon the city’s population. Only the reader as detached observer can make a judgment about how the tragedy has affected both Japanese culture as well as the marriage prospects for his niece.


Almost no human being would inflict these deaths and disease single-handedly on so many other raib beings. One cake of bean curd One sardine or small horse-mackerel Two Chinese cabbages Five or six carrots, giant radishes, leeks, burdock roots, bundles of spinach, or marrows Four or five eggplants Half a pumpkin I was very interested in all of the food parts of the story.

Black Rain

The account is drawn largely from Shizuma’s journal of the war years, but also from that of his niece, Y The narrator of the story, Shigematsu Shizuma, is the uncle of a young woman in his care who, it is rumoured in the village, has been affected by the radioactive “black rain” which fell on Hiroshima after the atomic bombing.

Such was the power of the state. To most people from the United States the bomb was necessary in order to stop the war. These things are like myself in the fact that he does not like to forget what things are like, wants to blavk first hand what the effects are, and is very interested in finding information about new things that he has never seen before.

August 13, — raiin I fished a lot as a little girl in Alabama. Vittoria o sconfitta era lo stesso. The whole story is told from the eyes and thoughts of the main character Mr. To read this novel you must also have a pretty solid stomach because there are many detailed entries about wounds and the way that blac, skin starts to ibsue right off the living body. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The ending to the novel was satisfactory because the end of the war was a good place to end the novel.

Shizuma and his friend are ridiculed as “lazy” for taking it easy and going fishing. What would happen if it were Tokyo? Email required Address never made public. This is not an apologist tome, though.


The narrative structure carefully balances between the present time of the novel and journal entries from the bombings of Hiroshima to craft a carefully wrought masterpiece of how great tragedy begets an unending spool of unraveling quieter tragedy.

The book is not written in a sensational overdramatic way to make you cry rivers over the silliest detail, it is actually written in a sort of matter-of-fact and thus the sadness and tears well up inside in non excessive yet more lasting or lingering way. People dain afraid of each other. Sending Japanese literature westward Red Circle Authors, a unique endeavor in the blcak world, aims to connect East and West through literature.

Masuji Ibuse – Black Rain book review | Condemned to Obscurity

The immediate wave of deaths and torturous radiation disease, woven with the bureaucratic and political stubbornness, produced a question that has haunted me since I finished the novel. That’s a good and bad sigh, I guess.

At what point does a cultural virtue become rin impecimemy? Back in the very late 60s and very blaci 70s I read two books that left indelible scars on my vision of the world; John Hersey’s “Hiroshima”, with its haunting visions of the nightmare, and Robert Jay Lifton’s “Death in Life”.

As an outsider to Japanese culture, I cannot know whether Ibuse resolves that tension or makes it more pronounced. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. Ibuse employs the method of ibjse “story within a story” to describe the events of the day of and immediately following the bomb Black Rain is Masuji Ibuse’s classic novel about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and the ensuing nuclear fallout. They are eventually reunited, and what inuse is a story that reveals not only the horror of the first few days, but the long-term effects the day has on their family.

And when her newest suitor requests proof of her whereabouts during the bombing, another spoiled marriage agreement seems imminent.