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Apart from that, it had everything you could want from a murder mystery novel.

Stratham Younger as one of his guides to the city. Hope you enjoy reading it!

New York city inthe year my father was born. All the evidence points in his direction.

It had me gripped the whole time, I loved that it mixed psychoanalysis with murder mystery, a lovely combination. There were a few times that I had to check to make sure that the time frame of this story was correct.

Bir Cinayetin Psikanalizi

By intensifying these intersections through a few minor manipulations of time, Jed Rosenfeld brings ppsikanalizi interpretations from ancient times in line with the most modern manifestations of human behaviour. The characters are of course very interesting. See 1 question about Bir Cinayetin Psikanalizi…. Rubenfeld writes in an entertaining and very readable style. Overall I really liked the book, even if Freud annoys the hell out of me at times.

Or interest and smart bout how has the author’s mix of fact and fiction, remembering me with previous New York novels, such as The Alienist, Ragtime, Dreamland: The last one hundred pages or so are hard to put down, and the revelation, the ‘whodunit’ if you will, after so many red herrings, is a gratifying surprise. The trail is hard to follow, but they’re getting closer. They know he’s the killer.

A Novel, Paradise Alleyetc. Now onto my thoughts about the book. His descriptions of the city and its social classes make you feel like you are there. Want to Read saving….

“Ανοίχτε τα τρελάδικα

And if thats not enough, the end that changes the world upside down I stood on the docks and awaited Dr. While reading the novel, I easily could imagine the city. The Interpretation of murder is a story shrouded in mystery, ill will, and love. However, what happens to their party of intellectuals is a case of murder. There is also a great attempt to recreate the atmosphere and landscape of New York City at the turn of the last century and perhaps this was reflected in too much.


He can’t get away. However, her body has gone missing from the morgue. I am cinaytin sure how to explain but the way this psikanalizl was written, the story was told felt new, different. When is a murder mystery not a murder mystery? Younger hopes to bring Freud’s theories to America and become closer to the man he admires. It seems a perfect opportunity to try out some of the new psycho-analytic techniques, and Freud’s disciple, Younger, is only too willing to step forward. This will either resonant with the reader or not as evident from the mixed reviews.

The Interpretation of Murder was his first novel.

Rubenfeld sets a number of things into motion and takes time to make his New York expansive and deep, the characters rich and vibrant. Good mystery with many twists and turns as well as a little Shakespeare and some psychoanalysis going on with Freud and Jung in the characterization. A master in the field of Law, he has proved himsel Jed Rubenfeld a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton University and magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School is the author of the hystorical and psychoanalytical novel Intepretation of Murder.

As a mystery, this book is also good, with the main plot being slightly convoluted, but in an enjoyable way and having many, many red herrings. I enjoyed the way that the story is told from different angles and how conclusions were reached by different people almost simultaneously. Radnja se odigrava u NY Sigmund Freud arrives in Cinayeton York to deliver a series of lectures on the — at that point — very controversial subject.

Freud and his disciple Dr Cinayyetin our protagonist are drawn into the investigation when Younger agrees to treat the assault victim in an attempt to glean some information about the murder. Younger hopes to bring Freud’s theories to America a This was supposed osikanalizi be a light, in between reading other books, kind of cinahetin. In a time when Tammany Hall ruled New York and made a puppet of most officers and politicians, I liked that there was an honest one in the bunch that really did just want to make sure the mystery was solved right.


I only read at the gym. The plot twists were numerous and clever, but the way they were resolved at the end felt a little hasty. I also liked the perspective of a “hysteric” woman as shown in various women, who were in fact not hysteric at all. It was clever and witty in spots. I am saying clever because till the end, many people seemed to be involved or guilty of many different things but only at the end the truth became clear and was again different of what it seemed!

Bir Cinayetin Psikanalizi by Jed Rubenfeld (4 star ratings)

Because even the fictional people feel real. Added to the mix of characters are the wealthy industrialist who thinks he is completely beyond the law, together with the Mayor who is in his pocket, a well meaning but inadequate coroner and various city workers who are out for themselves and for whom the truth is a distant concept they have no aspiration for. According to the author, he based this novel This is the first novel in a series by Jed Rubenfeld.

Whom will you believe. There is also a disturbing scene involving a carriage horse, that highlights the evilness and power of one man. There are many twists here. This is not an easy mystery to read. Along with society matriarchs, rebellious daughters, immoral fathers, psychotic psychiatrists, corrupt officials, madams and prostitutes with hearts of gold, and determined discoverers of the truth, it all makes for an intriguing set of circumstances.