Biosignature Modulation, from elite trainer Charles Poliquin, identifies hormonal issues and problems affecting your build – and helps you eliminate them. We tried BioSignature Modulation, a practice that examines relationships between hormone imbalance and fat storage, at BFX Studio. Spot reduction has been largely discredited by science, but BioSignature Modulation can supposedly trim those trouble spots. Dan Jolley, MSc.

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Not an exercise physiologist. If the problem area is the shoulder blades or hip, the problem is with your insulin levels.

The methodology, offered at BFX Studio, examines relationships between fat storage and hormone imbalances. The result is improved performance in ALL areas of your life — physical, mental and intellectual. Slimming Your Waist Or Wallet? Give a Gift – Get a Gift: I power walk, power lift, and do power yoga to keep fit, strong, and flexible. This allows for on-site effective medical treatment decisions. Then, he or she creates a nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle plan based on that data, taking into account things like gut health, macronutrient digestion, and inflammation.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. A compelling read, and to a fine degree I do agree with your bioignature. Imagine if ibosignature could quickly and painlessly delve deep into your biochemical and hormonal make up and formulate rapid responses to anything that may be holding you back. Sign up to receive monthly news and tips. But today we know a lot more about fat loss. If your wondering what this biosignature is all about read on. Body fat in the trunk has been shown to have a greater effect on insulin sensitivity than fat in the extremities, but this refers to all body fat in the trunk, not just around the shoulder blade.


Make of that as you will.

Our friendly team are always happy to help with any questions you may have. Correlation does NOT always mean cause and effect! Ideally, you should come back for a follow up within weeks to see how your hormones are responding and keep your positive progress and body composition changes going! Make an enquiry Our friendly team are always happy to help with any questions you may have.

I myself was am qualified moduulation doing biosignature and found that i didint buy into the supplement side of it but more used it as a marker and cross referenced it with a lifestyle planner circadian cycle, stress, etc and found that it was consistent with set fat markers, the exception if medication or birth control was being used which would throw the markers off.

The Charles Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Method | SOS Athletic Excellence

Similarly, twenty case biowignature are not any better than two. Second, skinfold testing may not be sensitive enough to detect small changes in body fat. Although there are many other methods to test body fat, such as underwater weighing and electrical impedance, Poliquin believes that body fat testing with skin calipers is the best method to be used for Biosignature Modulation because it can determine precisely the amount of fat in each of the major fat-testing sites where other testing methods only tell you your percent body fat.

Start your personalised health and fitness journey today. This leads to improved performance in ALL areas of the clients life; physically, mentally and intellectually. Silvana on 3 April at 6: We do not endorse BioSignature as a methodology.


BioSignature Modulation For Spot Reduction? Fat Chance

Case studies are generally considered pretty poor evidence, as it is impossible to control for other variables. In reality, we know that bodies come in all sizes and shapes due to inter-individual variations in genetics, gender, diets, lifestyle habits, gut microbiota, biosignaturs to hormone interactions, neurotransmitters, effects of medications, etc.

From there it is recommended you follow up with weekly, fortnightly or even monthly minute appointments for 6- 11 weeks.

Androgen imbalance, accumulated fat in chest area for men. This is done by involving protocols of specifically designed supplements, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to achieve rapid fat loss in your most stubborn areas and improve energy levels. The first step is to book an initial assessment which lasts for 45 — 90 minutes.

This will allow us to see how your hormones are responding and keep your positive progress and body composition changes going!

Spot Reduction With BioSignature Modulation? Fat Chance | By Dan Jolley

Biosignature allows Personal Trainers to get truely fantastic body composition results with their clients. This method tries to treat people as people instead of having a straightforward one-fits-all approach. Fat Chance was last modified: There is research to suggest that higher body fat levels disrupt hormones causing diseases biosignatre as diabetes, heart disease and cancer and assertions of hormones causing regional fat distribution.

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