Stefano Boeri. Biomilano; Six ideas for a biodiversity metropolis; Dimension: x cm; Languages: English and Italian texts; Binding: metallic staple. Biomilano. Stefano Boeri. Biomilano; Glossary of ideas for a metropolis based around bio-diversity; Dimension: x cm; Languages: English and Italian . Jan 15, Architect Stefano Boeri notes that if the units were to be constructed unstacked as stand-alone across a single surface, the project would.

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Or it can choose to become a bio-diverse metropolis, starting with a new agreement between the city, the natural world and agriculture. The Vertical Forest project aims to build high-density residential towers which contain trees within the boedi city.


Japan, China, India and Canada. In he founded Multiplicity, a research agency that involves artists, photographers, analysts and investigates the relationships between geopolitics and urban planning. Bosco Verticale is the first in his proposed BioMilano, which envisions a greenbelt around the city to incorporate 60 abandoned farms on the outskirts of the city to be revitalized for community use. Maybe the question is more serious and is, in their world, urban design and architecture not meant for people.

BIO MILANO – a tower equal to a forest | Biotope City

In the Italian architect Stefano Boeri designed ‘Bosco verticale’, the vertical urban forest. Thanks to his design contribution, within the Amate Amatrice solidarity project, the new Polo del Gusto of Amatrice and the Multipurpose and Civil Protection Center of Norcia are realized in record time.

Meanwhile Stefan Boeri is preparing a project for the Expo The project for EXPO is based around a model for new forms of local agriculture which surround Milan.

Biological and plant decontamination of polluted urban areas The cleaning up of ex-industrial areas and obsolete structures in the city through biological and plant cultivation creates new possibilities for public open space. Fortunately, in Milan now we can have a view into a healthier beori with an eye for human needsand also once more aesthetically pleasing.


For both types are users, which was obvious on the nice summer day when I was there. BioMilan has at is heart the idea of a new kind of agriculture which surrounds the city, provides work and produces for local agro-food markets.

He became welknown worldwide by this project.

biomilano | Stefano Boeri Architetti

The six conceptual plans further advocate creation of a greenbelt around the city biomilaano restoring to bioilano use 60 abandoned farms on the urban periphery. The cleaning up of ex-industrial areas and obsolete structures in the city through biological and plant cultivation creates new possibilities for public open space. The project for EXPO will create a vast global kitchen garden in an unused area to the northwest of Milan.

More thantrees have been planted in this way in the last two years. It can continue growing by eating up agricultural land, woods, natural space, and thus reducing biodiversity and the space available to other species.

The towers are 18 respectively 27 storeys high and designed for the richer part of the society: Stefano Boeri describes it like this: In Stefano Boeri is called to lend his intervention for the reconstruction of Amatrice and Norcia, Italian centers affected by the earthquake.

He has been going on with thinking about mega cities and came with six ideas for a bio-diverse metropolis: This project will occur alongside the development of those themes linked to the expo ad right across the vast area occupied by the city and hinterland of Milan.

The Metrobosco plan allows for the planting of 3 million new trees, a project financed by the towns around the city, and which will be made possible by farmers who choose to give up their land to the project, local businesses and forms of compensation. This forest will only be partially accessible to man, and the idea is that nature will be allowed to express itself autonomously, in areas which are now used only for single forms of agriculture.


In he is the creator and curator of Geodesign, one of the main projects of Turin World Design Capital. Kumu Mikilani Young biomilajo with Carry Kim from EcoJustice Boero about the proposed, highly controversial meter TMT telescope which would be built atop “ceded” conservation lands on Mauna Kea, considered the most sacred mountain for native Hawaiians or Kanaka Ma’oli.

BioMilan is a political project which aims to increase the number of businesses which, working together in areas linked to agriculture, forestation and renewable energy, can regenerate the urban economy and provide forms of integration and work for thousands of citizens. Introducing the concept of biodiversity in architecture, Boeri works on the development of the Milanese model and on Urban forestry. This area shows two faces: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Stefano Boeri has been curator in several international biomilabo exhibitions.

Stefano Boeri

This plan allows the vegetation within it to absorb dangerous dust particles in the air, and aims to create a suitable microclimate to allow the sun to filter through. He was Councillor for Culture in Milan from to Meanwhile it is under construction in Milano. Boeti green is processed by and large trees5.

But it is a nasty discord. Through the cultivation of polluted land, they can be cleaned-up and biomass is also created, and in this way the city can regain lost spaces which were seemingly lost forever.