Auto Expo Coverage – Devinci Manchester Bike – Advice. Hi There, I recently have returned to recreational biking after no really riding much for about 15 years. Join Date: Apr ; Posts: New Bike Advice . 1K+ but shops in the chicagoland area have s and s for less than 1K- that’s a nice.

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I didn’t realise that Sturmey Archer now make an 8 speed model, and that’s less than a quarter the price than the Rohloff – though I suspect probably not as robustly made. bimeadvice

Post by sanrensho on Mon Jul 09, 6: I made a thread a few days ago regarding my ninja. Check eBrandon for some of this stuff as most kids bkeadvice out of it well before it is worn out.

Offroad bike advice please.

Im not sure now if i want to sell it. If you work for a company see the company will join up to the Cycle To Work Scheme, huge savings can be made here. Off the road the canal networks have some wonderful riding. All the disadvantages of Alu are not expolited on the track. It’s not as if you are going to get caught riding an illegal ebike off-road anyway, even less so than riding one on the road and the chances of that are?

They typically require the more maintenence, do not require the rider to clutch as often, nor shift as often. In answer bikeadvicr your question, eZee kits can be de-restricted for off road use. Halfords Group to stock Bikeadvkce Started by: Also 0212 drive is probably better than front. And if you need bits there is always Decathlon who sell basic good quality kit, and their bikeadvife are specilaist I would recommend them whole heartedly as I have oneof their full suspension mountain bikes.


But I am selling my Lynskey Jon! Forum

Another interesting gear hub is the NuVinci, which gives infinite gearing for a third of the price of a Rohloff. Much easier to ride in these circumstances than a “mountain” bike.

As such you would be wise to get a local cycle mechanic bikeeadvice check the build. Then maybe next season do a couple of cycle camps away somewhere I was just thinking if it was a bike you wouldn’t use much and it never went outdoors it would be nice to have something you could keep on show on the living room, Beth doesn’t seem to agree After getting the bike from an independent cycle shop, it is worth enrolling on a basic maintenance course, which is usually free, so that one can change inner tube, tyres, brake bikeaxvice and pads, clean the chain, adjust the brakes etc Frenchie, I think the words “only joking” translates to je plaisante: I hate using them and don’t trust them, I end up with chains and string wrapped round the frames just in case they don’t hold as you’re only relying on the bike seat not dropping off.

Prof Prolapse 14, posts months. We’ll be awaiting your future comments about how you are getting on with your choice with interest because they look to be superb bikes.


De-restricting an ebike does NOT make it legal for use off road, it would still be illegally used unless it was used on private land. What are running and service costs. It has only done a few hundred miles, max I guess we all are discretional customers at the end of the day some with more discretion than others, sorry.

It’s difficult to estimate range for any bike let alone one that will be used on off-road trails, as this will depend on rider fitness, number of hills, difficulty of terrain, wind, type of tyres and pressures and phase of the moon. Offroad bike advice please. I have some wheels like these again on the Dolan and after about kms needed some new rims. Do you want examples for each Jon?!

New Bike Advice Needed After Crash | Cyclingnews Forum

In a nutshell, it will handle any terrain that you can handle, just like any non-powered mountain bike will. E-bike health studies show physical fitness benefits Started by: As well as making the likes of Vn, Sabbath etc they also sell direct.

All three bikes were Rohloff and Disc specific, and everything was made from Titanium!. How is it on Brylcream?

However it’s only 8 Ah so that won’t be guaranteed for everyone, and their battery price is very high so having two of them on trips is a very expensive option. Shall I start again?