The Text History of the Bibliotheca of. Pseudo-Apollodorus. AUBREY DILLER. The references in the Scholia Minora on the Iliad are only apparent. The work is. Attributed to Apollodorus of Athens (born c. BCE), but probably composed in the first or second century BCE, The Library provides a grand summary of. The Bibliotheca of Pseudo-Apollodorus, perhaps the best-known mythographic text, stands out for its comprehensive aim and state of preservation.

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And having sailed past the Thermodon and the Caucasus they came to the river Phasis, which is in the Colchian land. I started reading this when I was about pages from the end of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The oxen of the Sun. The legend, these writers inform us, was told to explain why the maiden goddess Artemis was invoked by women in childbed.

About him I shall speak again. And he is punished even after death; for vultures eat his heart in Hades. See Tragicorum Oraecorum Fragmenta, ed.

And she signified to him that, when the teeth were sown, armed men would spring up from the ground against him; and when he saw a knot of them he was to throw stones into their midst from a distance, and when they fought each other about that, he was taken to kill them.

Hercules first shot Alcyoneus with an arrow, but when the giant fell on the ground he somewhat revived. The sky is called langit ; it is the male power: The Titans attack and mutilate Sky, origin of the Furies, i.

The Library of Greek Mythology

But when they were over the sea which lies betwixt Sigeum and the Chersonese, Helle slipped into the deep and was drowned, and the sea was called Hellespont after her. ApoUodorus’s version of the murder of Apsyrtus is repeated verbally by Zenobius iv. The Athenian royal line vi. The bodies of the leaders are buried by Theseus, death of Evadne on the pyre, vii. But some say that he was a son of Zeus.

When the Bebryces made a rush at him, biblotheca chiefs snatched up their arms and put them to flight with great pseudo-apolloodrus. So Athamas settled in that country and named it Athamantia after himself ;2 and he married Themisto, daughter of Hypseus, and begat Leucon, Erythrius, Schoeneus, and Ptous.


As he was pseudo-apollodorys surpassing beauty, the Moon fell in love with him, and Zeus allowed him to choose what he would, and he chose to sleep for ever, remaining deathless and ageless. Achilles slays Troilus, captures Lycaon, and having slain Mestor drives off the herds of Aeneas, Minos makes war on Megara Nisus and Scylla and on Athens, xv. Jan 31, Lucy rated it really liked it.

Apollodorus, Library, book 2, chapter 4, section 2

When she was with child, Zeus, taking time by the forelock, swallowed her, because Earth said that, after giving birth to the maiden who was then in her womb, Metis would bear a son who should be the lord of heaven. It is carefully built of polygonal stones, and the mouth is surrounded by concentric circles, round which the women of Eleusis probably tripped in the dance.

As to the drug with which Jason was to anoint himself, see further Pindar, Pyth. And touching at Rhodes he set up the image of Lindian Athena. Surpassing all the rest were Porphyrion and Alcyoneus, who was even immortal so long as he fought in the land of his birth.

Apollodorus’ Library has been used as a source book by classicists from the time of its compilation in the 1st-2nd century AD to the present, influencing writers from antiquity to Robert Graves.

Those who were called Greeks he named Hellenes after himself, and divided the country among his sons. Looking for a book of Greek Mythology or Greek gods that was illustrated with African American Characters I think it came out bibliothfca the 70’s or 80,s.

It is to be noted, however, that this passage is not found in our manuscripts of Apollodorus but has been conjecturally restored to his text from the Scholia on Lycophron of Tzetzes. These were winged female creatures, and when a table was laid for Phineus, they flew down from the sky and snatched up most of the victuals, and what little they left stank so that nobody could touch it. But she in her wrath sent a boar of extraordinary size and strength, which prevented the land from being sown and destroyed the cattle and the people that fell in with it.


This is the best “map” of Greek mythology I’ve come across, with Bulfinch’s Age of Fable a fairly distant second. Of the daughters of Coeus, Asteria in the likeness of a quail flung herself into the sea in order to escape the amorous advances of Zeus, and a city was formerly called after her Asteria, but afterwards it was named Delos.

It is so packed with endless parades of names, happenings and info that it is completely impossible to remember any of it after finishing a page. The classical description of the Harpies is that of Virgil Aen. The sons of Laocoon killed by ser- pents, But when the gods saw him rushing at heaven, they made for Egypt in flight, and being pursued they changed their forms into those of animals.

He also drove away the cows of the Sun from Erythia.

The Library of Greek Mythology by Apollodorus

The next edition was brought out by Tanaquil Faber Salmurii, Compare Aristotle, Meteorologica, i. Thus he was led from house to house by his comrades, who collected eggs to bake a cake. Jun 15, Michael rated it it was ok.

Merrill, Commentary on Catullus58b Cross-references to this page 7: Origin of the Pal- ladium. Hercules Oetaeus, sqq. These were two wild bulls that he had, of enormous size, a gift of Hephaestus; they had brazen feet and puffed fire from their mouths.

The Library, Volume I

Porthaon and Euryte, daughter of Hippodamas, had sons, Oeneus, Agrius, Alcathous, Melas, Leuco- peus, and a daughter Sterope, who is said to have been the mother of the Sirens by Achelous.

See Die Loango Expedition, iii.

Oephalus, son of Herse, and ancestor of Oinyras, xiv. But afterwards Athamas was bereft also of the children of Ino through the wrath of Hera ; for he went mad and shot Learchus with an arrow, and Ino cast herself and Melicertes into the sea.