Francis Imbuga. Betrayal in the City. page comprehensive study guide; Features an extended summary and 5 sections of expert analysis. Written by a. BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA THE AUTHOR – FRANCIS IMBUGA () Prof. Imbuga was born in in Vihiga county in Western . In Betrayal in the City, there is a lot of commotion created by the university BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA (reposted).

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Francis Imbuga uses chlonorogical where the story starts from the beginning to the end with normal arrangement. Through Mulili we get to learn that he has stashed huge amounts of money in foreign accounts which has brought down the economy of Kafira.

By being nice we can presume that the guy spent quite a lump sum to get the tender but Mulili had the power advantage as we learn later in the play.

During this period, Africans end up disappointed when the African leaders they had hoped to bring change become perpetrators of corruption, dictatorship, nepotism and assassinations. This song and the subsequent prayer indicate that the couple can only turn to God for solace after all else has failed.

Before long, Jere and Mulili arrives with the order from the government to stop the ritual from taking place. In our book Betrayal in the city the author used imagery setting of Kafira state, the state which is not exist in any country around the world. She is traditionalist as she supports her husband to persom the shaving ceremony of their son Adika.

He pretends to be saddened by the news. When instructing Mulili to get rid of Kabito, he impatiently orders Mulili out of the palace.

Thinking that he is raving, they tell him to put on a clean shirt and go confess. Metaphor, it is the figure of speech involve making comparison two things without use of conjuction. Humour The writer has employs humour in his play.



The story reveals how Tanzanian officials th the majority of Tanzanians by working for the interests of European imperialists; and use their positions to accumulate wealth. According to Jere, the character in the Pilate story his fellow inmate did not want to be Pilate and instead insisted on being Jesus. Potato- to symbolize money. Sep 01, Ak rated it liked it. Another incident of betrayal is when Kabito, a fellow member of the entertainment committee is betrayed to Boss by Mulili.

He alleges that the rioting students and the dissenting lecturers have no idea what truth and justice are all about.

Betrayal in the City: A Play – Francis Imbuga – Google Books

Josephine rated it liked it Jan 20, He misreports him to Boss who orders his death. View all 3 comments.

Also the play portrays on the misuse of public fund done by the government leaders such as Tumbo, Boss, as well as Mulili who contributes to the underdevelopment of Kafira state. When he visits Regina, Tumbo sends Jusper for beer claiming that it is tough being a government official.

Allusion Allusion refers to reference to something or someone else without the context of a given text. Nina thinks he is drunk and only to find out later that he actually killed Chagaga. They lack freedom of expression.

Satire, is aform of writing where an individual or society is ridiculed or wher the foolishness of an idea practice or custom is shown. It is even pointed out that the beggars in the streets laugh at the university students because they believe that they could achieve betryal for Kafira.

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You and my brother, but my brother is inside. Nov 14, Emmanuel Issaya rated it really liked it. He even insists he is a politician. I enjoyed reading it, though unlike his other play Aminata, the women here were in the background in the fight against injustice. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Refresh and try again. The same happens in the state of Kafira through various characters.


He th curse Mulili when he proves adamant about allowing them to carry on with the shaving ceremony. He is also a playwright who depicts the society so clearly that publishers dread publishing his work.

Boss must always betraywl his way and will eliminate anyone who appears to be a stumbling block to his schemes. When they seem not to notice his authority, he has them murdered just to prove who holds sway in this country. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Jusper appears not to communicate with his parents and their statements overlap.

Mosese thinks that it would be an act of betrayal for Regina to plead for his release. The author also uses figurative language which carry different messages from the book, he also uses figures of speech as follows.

Scene three starts at Reginas room with Jusper, Mr. Boss is pulling out grey hairs —an indicator that he may be the kind of leader who wants to rule for life. Like you I only have two close friends left in francks world. Doga and Nina are murdered in their own hut because they dared challenge one of Boss; closest advisers, Mulili, who is also his relative.

Instead of being a servant leader, he has become a tyrant. He informs Tumbo and Nicodemo that Kabito has been involved in a fatal accident during the one hour break.

During the play within a play is when the coup occurs and one Mulili the rubberstamp of corruption in Kafira is imbbuga and the Boss the leader of Kafira is left: