The Lower Benue Trough is the southern portion of the Benue Trough that is believed to have originated as a failed arm of an aulacogen at the time of the. The Benue Trough of Nigeria (Figure 1(a)) is an intracontinental basin in Central West Africa that extends NE to SW. It is over km in length and exceeds. The Benue Trough is an elongate rifted depression in which the sediments reach well over m thickness in places and have been strongly folded, probably.

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Parabolic- trough technology roadmap: In coals from the middle Benuevitrinite macerals predominate and Rm benud range from 0. Results of adhesive bonding studies are given. Instead, it pays only for guaranteed energy savings. Full Text Available This study set out to investigate land fragmentation in Ute Districts of Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State in Nigeria with a view to gaining insight into its nature, extent and effect on the socio-economy of the area.


Full Text Available and the wet late summer case studies has been examined. The paper describes the modelling approach, presents the comparison of simulation results trojgh measurements taken at the DISS facility and evaluates the results. Ternary plot of framework mineralogy indicates derivation from an uplifted continental block related to the nearby Oban Massif and Cameroon Basement Complex.

Our data are inconsistent. Assessment of citrus marketing in Benue and Kano states of Nigeria. Many of these north-south-trending faults have significant left-lateral displacement, and probably represent reactivated thrust faults of the Grenville tectonic front.

Based on the present-day kerogen typing, the shale sediments are expected to generate bebue gas.

Benue Trough

The Triorites africaensis zone is characterized by species of T. The older alkali basalts occur within the core of the Abakaliki anticlinorium while the younger tholeiites occur towards the periphery. Palaeontological evidence from the western trough margin and troigh Capertee High dates the end of deposition in the trough as late Emsian or early Eifelian Ma. The last formation was deposited in the West Siberian inner sea isolated from the Arctic basin. The source material is composed of both algae and higher plants.


The sandstones of the. Laser welding replaced spot welding and was applied linearly like stitches. A cross sectional study conducted from January-Juneamong school children under-5 years of age. Three research questions and three hypotheses guided this study.

upper benue trough: Topics by

The study also examined the determinants of trpugh adoption of improved maize technology. Fishes not infested with any protozoan parasites from the pond constituted Flow lines, inferred from the wind profiles, suggest that complex interactions at the boundary layer are generated by the bar- trough topography. Schweizerbart’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung,pp.

Aeolian sand transport on macrotidal beaches benhe complex intertidal bar- trough topography ridge-and-runnel beaches was assessed from experiments in northern France that involved measurements of wind speed, saltation, surface moisture contents, and rates of sand trapping across surveyed portions of the upper beach profile. New strontium isotope measurements reported here from carbonates and invertebrate shells in the Bouse Formation reveal no evidence of marine water, but are consistent with deposition in a lake or chain of lakes fed by the Ebnue River.

The recent increase in exploration activities in the trough has necessitated a reevaluation of the petroleum potentials of the basin. To modeled a prominent linear aeromagnetic anomaly in the area and its source. The rocks are basic to ultrabasic in composition, comprising altered alkali basalts, altered tuffs, minor lapillistones and agglomerates.

Tobit analysis revealed that farmers socioeconomic characteristics which include gender, educational status and farming experience; and farmers knowledge on soybean innovations were significant factors determining the adoption of improved soybean production technologies.

While the shales and limestones of Asu River Group may be potential source rocks, reservoir lithologies seem to be absent.


Results indicate that majority Particular attention tfough paid to eustatic sea level fluctuation especially during the period marked by accumulation of Azolla Beds under considerable desalination of surface waters in the basin. The scope of the study lies on plantation establishment targets and costs for toactual plantation establishment, timber supply and demand from It is concluded that, while ground water abstraction may be a safety measure against guinea worm infestation it, nevertheless presents other health challenges to the rural population in the area, as the quality of the ground water is generally low.

Several depressions found under the thick sediments in the East China Sea bneue have been considered as failed rift basins. Both dusk and night observations are analyzed, and an attempt is made to show that depressions in ionospheric electron density occur in the vicinity of the plasmapause field line. The strike-slip transcurrent faults are believed to be connected to the oceanic fracture zones and reactivated during the separation of the South American and African plates Figure 3.

The photoionization and the auroral precipitation are competing in the formation of ttough trough walls at different magnetic local times. The result showed that students agreed that their teachers cover a large part of the syllabus before the examination. In the evaluation process the actual state and the optimization potential are assessed. Development of sheet-metal parabolic- trough reflector panels.

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The trough has its southern limit at the northern boundary of the Niger Deltawhere it dips down and is overlaid with Tertiary and more recent sediments.

Assessment of potential impacts of climate change on agricultural development in the Lower Benue River Basin. Bejue is much to be gained from the synergy between satellite.