Formulas & Strategies, Portable 2nd Edition- Bensky & Barolet. Bensky & Barolet. 1 book. SKU# Availability: Out of stock. MW Code: # Sign up to get. Practical insight and detail on + commonly used formulas in Chinese Dan Bensky Each of the plus principal formulas includes a discussion of its. Download Bensky – Formulas & Strategies Description. CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Formulas & Strategies CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Formulas.

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These are the strategies embodied by the formula. Because the chief ingredients focus directly on the diseased aspect of the body, there is no need in this formula for an envoy.

It is this functional aspect of the formulas that is at the heart of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Zhang’s background was in the military, and he had a very organized mind. Distinguishing between the root and manifestation in such cases can be problematic. These books benskt had a tremendous influence on Chinese herbal medicine and traditional medicine throughout East Asia to the present day.

The nature of bensmy text itself is very shamanistic and includes incantations and exorcistic practices. Matching the appropriate type of formulation to the patient and disease is an important aspect of good practice.

This section provides a variety of supplemental information, usually about the source, indications, and analysis of the formulas. I39 Bupleurum Decoction to Clear Dryness chi hu qing zao tang. Composition Assistant also known as adjutant. This is often a question of taste for which there is no one right approach. We realize that even capitalizingjust the organs may still be distracting to some of our readers, but clarity is certainly more important than aesthetics in the practice of medicine.

Where the formulas were arranged according to a branch of medicine, the most common categories were formuals dealing with diseases of women and children.

Sometimes two, three, or even four methods are used concurrently.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable 2nd Edition) — Eastland Press

In Discussion of the Origin and Development of Medicine Yi xue yuan liu lunthe eighteenth-century author Xu Ling-Tai observed, “It is most appropriate to discuss the method of decoction in depth; whether the medicine is effective or not completely depends on this. I77 Polyporus Decoction from Comfiehensive Recording zhu ling tang.


In the second type of modification, the chief ingredient remains the same, but all or most of the other ingredients are changed so that the action of the formula is also changed. In most cases, the commentary concludes with a note on the biomedically-defined disorders for which the formula has been used.

If the reader is unfamiliar with the normal range of dosage gormulas a particular substance, a materia medica should be consulted. These are arranged by English name and include the authors and dates of publication, when they are known.

This is the syntax and grammar of Chinese herbal medicine. I15 Minor Order the Qi Decoction xiao cheng qi tang. In this case, there is true deficiency and false excess. Hierarchy of Ingredients Constructing an effective formula involves more than simply putting ingredients together to obtain a certain effect.

The ingredients are ground into a fine powder, vensky with water, paste, or the strained liquid from a decoction, and then formed into pills.

Our book is organized in the same manner, with a few modifications.

But while each of these aspects is important, they are not presented in a manner which is either comprehensive or directly related to a particular type of formula. They are easy to swallow, quickly digested, and are the most common type of prepared medicine from China. I87 Apricot Kernel and Talcum Decoction xing ren hua shi tang. Although there is no officially-sanctioned standardization, the books usually differ in only a few categories.

Most of the modifications and variations listed in our text are of this type.

Bensky – Formulas & Strategies – Free Download PDF

Every medicinal substance has its strengths and its shortcomings. This is like hunting for rabbits by sending out many men and horses to surround the formulss in the hope that, by luck, one of them will stumble upon the rabbit. In addition formulaz the appendices, there are two bibliographies. Through the centuries practitioners have always stressed the importance of correctly decocting the formulas.


Chief also known as monarch, ruler, king, emperor, principal. As an integral part of this process, the formulas are specific groupings or configurations of medicinal substances that serve as tools for instituting treatment. In the Collected Treatises of [Zhang]Jing-Yue Uing yue quan shuZhang sought to resolve this problem by organizing the formulas into eight categories, which he called the eight battle arrays bii zhin. This consisted of refining and simplifying the theoretical understanding of disease and its treatment.

For example, Pulsatilla Decoction bai tou weng tang is used for treating acute damp-heat in the lower burner.

Bensky – Formulas & Strategies

I46 Unblock the Qi Powder tong qi san. It is often said that Chinese herbal medicine consists of understanding and mastering theory, strategy, formulas, and substances lz’fiifiing ydo. The fifth and sixth appendices provide cross but is certainly worth bearing in mind. A mixture of beeswax and sesame oil is often added to the honey to prevent it from sticking to the utensils.

The problem of categorizationbecame most acute during the Ming dynasty. While they are not identical, the categorization of the treatment strategies serves as the basis for the categorization of the formulas.

In this section we have used, as much as possible, the original name and dosage of each of the substances in the formula. We use anglicized Latin names for the medicinal substances, except when the substance is commonly known by another name in North America e. This is because these signs are often so variable that to list all the possibilities would serve no useful purpose.