Hailing from a working-class section of Los Angeles, the eldest daughter of divorced parents, Carlisle struggled early on with shame over her. The women of the iconic eighties band the Go-Go’s will always be remembered as they appeared on the back of their debut record: sunny, smiling, each. “Lips Unsealed”: A review of Belinda Carlisle’s memoir “Lips Unsealed” in the June 3 Calendar section said that guitarist Jane Wiedlin left the.

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Belinda Carlisle Finds the Life She Wanted

Do you see any glimmers of that spirit in any bands today? Initia Not a Happy Tale The tone is conversational, and it was very interesting ccarlisle hear about the group’s start and her early life. Add to this a Madonna-inspired eating disorder, fueled by seeing how svelt the Queen Material Girl had gotten and comparing herself unfavorably.

But when I was growing up, and early in my career with the Go-Go’s, artists tried to put together a collection of songs that made sense as a whole. I probably inherited that from my mom. Carlisle was a chubby club girl — nicknamed “Belimpa” by her high school classmates — in the late s, hanging in the Hollywood punk scene with her gal pals.

If you’re a fan of her work, this book is worth reading. lip

Book Review: ‘Lips Unsealed’ by Belinda Carlisle

I belindda expecting more wild stories about the Go-Gos notorious partying and found such stories in short supply from this book. Her addiction story is incredible as is the patience of her husband and son. Leaving her unstable childhood home at the age of eighteen, Belinda battled serious weight issues and grappled with her confusion about being deserted by her xarlisle father.

It wasn’t until the final chapters that Belinda claimed sobriety and happiness in life, studying meditation and yoga with travels to India. Jun 01, Minutes. Briceland rated it liked it. People think of the Go-Go’s as the girl group that sang silly little pop songs, but really, if you delve into the lyrics, a lot it is very dark.


Book Review: ‘Lips Unsealed’ by Belinda Carlisle – latimes

This book was a good read Belinda fans and belindda that like addiction memoirs. I was a fan of hers, loving the music she wrote and came out with. Photos of her as a senior at Hollywood High show a redhead with a great figure and big, lively eyes. Of the two books, Carlyle’s is most riveting. Like my grandmother, my mother was drop-dead gorgeous.

We moved into a small, pink and brown s tract home at the end of a cul-de-sac. Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys was a particularly good story.

In the group disbanded and Carlisle started a successful solo career. Initially, I found the book unfulfilling helinda viewed it as just another celebrity who “had it all”, only to blow it. Beaming and shiny skinned. You can enjoy a good party without the hangover.

She grew up insecure about her worth and weight and left home at the age of 17, hungry for fame in the punk world in LA. Her new memoir, ” Lips Unsealed ,” talks about drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, of course, but it also touches on more recent challenges — the failure of her latest albums to crack the U.

Perhaps on its own, as a book on self discovery belinra part would work better. This book was extremely scattered. I was going to be a rock star. She was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Beginning from her early childhood, Lips Unsealed follows Carlisle’s career from struggle to stardom to decline, and the most common element of it all is drugs and music–and the inability to cope with either.

And when she mentions that her solo music is along the same vein, she’s completely kidding herself. This darlisle Belinda Carlisle’s memoir covering her life up until Carlisle offers eyewitness accounts of now legendary events, such the Elks Lodge Massacre, when the Los Angeles Police Department officers in riot gear broke up a show. I didn’t understand what he meant or why he said such a hurtful thing, and his words left me bleeding from a hundred little wounds.

Preview — Lips Unsealed by Belinda Carlisle. She starts her memoir by detailing a troubled childhood that is told in a manner that easily generates empathy and sympathy. Please try again later. Being the primary reason for her fame, I was hoping Carlisle would divulge a little more detail on the band’s beginnings.


They contributed a lot to the music scene, but it seemed to me as if it kind of played a back seat here, to her own struggles. I remember my mom hand-painting a logo on the side of his van.

Belinda Carlisle’s New Book ‘Lips Unsealed’ – ABC News

Shouldn’t that be, like, a gigantic, glowing, blinking, neon, red flag?! Apr 26, Ben rated it liked it. Otherwise, the main thing s that I took away from this book were that she fought, and eventually beat, a serious addiction to drugs, and her husband is quite obviously a saint. She had a working class to poor childhood with a mother who was often emotionally unavailable due to her own struggles in keeping the family together and bona fide depressive disorder where she was hospitilized.

It got us out of the city and into a fairly rural area with dairy farms and post-Korean War housing developments. As part of the change, my mom sought comfort and companionship unaealed the handsome carpenter who lived across the street, Walt Kurczeski. Even caglisle the final move to Burbank, my mother, sister, and I continued to shuttle back and forth between my grandparents’ home in Saugus and those of various friends of my mother.

Mar 30, Jaidee rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This book is a good account of how the band formed, their early trials before they became famous, and what lead to the downfall and eventual break up of the band.

At the end, there was some sort of aha moment when you “got” the work in its entirety.

My mom never mentioned it.