tions, etc. is strictly fictional or coincidental. Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century is a trademark of SSDC Inc. Sixth Edition, First Printing, February Battlelords of the Twenty-third Century (Battlelords of the Twenty Third Century) Paperback: pages; Publisher: SSDC, Inc.; 6th edition (February 1, ). Battlelords of the 23rd Century is a science fiction RPG owned and produced by The current edition, the one this review is for, is sixth edition.

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An Alliance of Humans and aliens is fighting for survival.

Reward no longer available 5 backers. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Battlelords, Science Fiction RPG revised edition by 23rd Century Productions — Kickstarter

If you’d like to go with brute strength, pick a Pythonian and throw someone for distance. Add a copy to your collection. They are featured battoelords several tables including a racial specific table and a job specific table which is chosen by the player.

Battlelords, Seventh Edition Print Less.


They face various challenges, including rival mercenaries, Rebels, hostile alien lifeforms on unexplored worlds, and the alien race known as the Arachnids. Questions about this project? Battlelords is a game set in a dangerous future.


Kickstarter is not a store. At this pledge level you’ll receive four copies of the Battlelords 7th Edition in full-color hardcover, delivered to your door! Stretch goals will ship after the 7th Ed. Shipping included for the US, for other countries, there will be a shipping charge in addition to your pledge level. Reward no longer available 2 backers.

As he exits the ditch, you can see the Orion has spray painted his armor day-glow orange. Sep 19, – Oct 19, 30 days. The Galactic Alliance is made up of twelve races including Humansand is run behind the scenes by huge mega-corporations seeking to exploit the farthest reaches of space. The Phentari is compulsively revving a chainsaw in one set of tentacles and clutching a flamethrower in the other set. There are no character classes or character levels in Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century ; the system is skill-based, with skills being increased with experience earned.

You’ll also get the 6th edition Battlelords PDF.

As an owner operated company, we value the 6tu and happiness of our owners, volunteers and freelancers, which can result in unforeseen delays. We’ll retain final editing rights and copyright on the content created, and get final approval on the name and design. Science fiction role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in Name At this pledge level you’ll receive the Battlelords 7th edition in full-color hardcover, delivered to your door!


Core Rules and additional prior PDF content will ship approx. In addition, we will name a weapon in the game after you or your character. There are many alien races in the Battlelords universe, but twelve are presented in the basic rulebook and form the basis for the Galactic Alliance.

The better off we kick start, the easier it will be to hit our strategy of releases we have planned. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Finally, for the special backer at this level, we’ll let you name and help design the look of one of the monstrous, hostile alien lifeforms HALs in dentury core rules.

We ship almost anywhere in the world!

What is Battlelords?

Please check out the battlelords group on www. We’re timing our print version to be released at GenConso our print product is targeted to ship in August right before Gencon.

Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century Cover. Retrieved from ” https: Core Rules will ship approx.

The production process for the book is underway. More Information Edit History. We will also offer electronic formats.