Lualhati Bautista .. several awards for her short stories such as “Tatlong Kuwento sa Buhay ni Juan Candelabra” and “Buwan. Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa. Then I picked up one of the books in my TBR, Bata, Bata. Pa’no Ka Ginawa is also about the choices she made as a woman at a time when. Lualhati Bautista Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa? August 6, | Author: Raz Mahari Lualhati Bautista Description. Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa?.

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She never expected her to be in such an organization. But what I liked most about this book is that it’s straight to the point. Then when both of her men have their own new wives, she asks her co-worker to have sex with her and it is for her sexual urge to be satisfied.

Along with thousands of women, men, and children they all marched. Bta lang ‘yong ipinanganak ka nang maganda.

Lea participated in the event. We have Raffy, a man who makes his own choices and does what he wants even if he has to leave his bara we have Ding, the more repressive kind who thinks women should stay at home and is a momma’s boy; Ojie, a growing young man torn between wanting a father and yet knowing his mother is doing what’s best for him; and Maya, a young preschool who knows more about real life than her peers do at that age.

Lea was shocked by what he asked: On the other hand, Lea thought of his friend, Johnny. But Lea, being herself, argued about the idea. The next day, Johnny was captured for his protests against the government and he was never seen again.

Wala nang mabibili ang penny. She went home not Sunday, the day she promised Elinor to get the kids, but Monday, August 21 when Benigno Aquino was assassinated. Lea thought that her husband still have at least a feeling of love towards her until Raffy told her that he has already a wife, Elinor. To ask other readers questions about Bata, Bata One of these that Ding seems to be the nagging husband who always shouts and throws snide remarks to his partner.


The following morning Lea called Beng to tell her brother that Maya is coming. He immediately asked Lea where the kids were.

Maybe I’ll just blog about it soon So for now, let’s just say that this is a book about the society. The writing style was okay, but the concept of the novel and the thoughts of our main character is what matters here.

Hands down to this character-driven novel. Subalit ang akdang ito ay hindi angkop sa mga nasa murang gulang pa lamang sapagkat ang nobela ay naglalaman ng mga maseselang bahagi.

Review: Bata, BataPa’no Ka Ginawa? by Lualhati Bautista – My Book Musings

Subalit nagbago ang gawi at anyo ng katauhan ng mga kababaihan sa lipunang kanilang ginagalawan, sapagkat nagbabago rin ang lipunan. Hindi ko talaga dapat ‘to babasahin kung hindi kami ni-require ng Teacher namin nung High School na gawan ito ng book review. Archived from the original on Full Cast and Crew. Sa bandang huli, nagpasya ang mga anak niyang piliin siya — isang pagpapasyang hindi niya iginiit sa mga ito. Jun 17, PJ Giray rated it liked it Shelves: Marxism theory was also used in the piece however, in the movie there were only brief scenes that shows this.

When she got home, knowing that it was Christmas season, she took out the christmas tree and placed it in the corner wherein posters of what she believed in are displayed. By Methuselah Chua and Jorranne Paraiso.

The kids were there too. Chapter 4 It was Monday in the morning, Lea has not yet pressed her dress because yesterday she played with her two kids and went to CCP to enjoy the whole day. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. It’s not for lack of reading, oh no. Sister Ann was surprised of the question but remained calm about it and told Lea that she is a nun. The little girl was entertained by Johnny Deogracias. Suddenly, the phone rang, so Lea answered, it was Raffy, she was shocked and was not able to speak immediately.


The only mistake was she asked if Lea really wanted to do it so they ended up in a hotel that night. As they reached their destination, they immediately went on to their business. On the other hand Ojie apologized to his mom and said that he would never play billiards again, Lea taught Ojie to learn to prioritize things.

Books nowadays are always light and fluffy, or too sexualized. This creates mixed feelings in Lea because feelings she thought long-gone rose to the surface.

Lea shortly afterwards walked out of the office to express her disagreement; she finds out the day would be full of hassles after all. Lualhati Bautista has long been one of my favorite authors, since I read Gapo and Bulaklak sa City Jail because she lualhqti writes about the nitty-gritty of everyday life in the Philippines. Open Preview See a Problem?

Bata, Bata… Pa’no Ka Ginawa?

Nov 08, Ben rated it it was amazing. Bata, Bata… Pa’no Ka Ginawa? Sila rin ay nabibigyan na ng spasyo, lugar at kalayaan na magkaroon ng karapatan at ng totoong papel sa buhay. The day of the meeting gginawa, they and all the other students with their parents were at the school ground under the scorching heat of the sun.

Oct 06, Jie Mauricio rated it it was amazing. Sister Ann was with them who kept on asking Lea about her relationship with Ding. At si Lea ang isa sa mga tumutuligsa noon sa batista Marcos.