Basil Valentine. Records of the life of Basilius Valentinus, the Benedictine monk who for his achievements in the chemical sphere has been given the title of. Valentine’s true identity can’t be known for sure, but my money’s on Johann Thölde, and we talk a little about both. As far as we know for the first time in the. VALENTINE, BASIL, OR BASILIUS VALENTINUSChemistry, alchemy, edly a German Benedictine monk born at Mainz in , Basil.

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The rays of the Sun are tempered with the air by passing through it so as to operate by the medium of the air, as the basikius operates through the medium of the fire. For they do not understand that our Artist does not claim to create anything, but only to evolve new things from the seed made ready to his hand by the Creator. In this work, Valentine extolled antimony as an excellent medicine.

At the same time, each element is distinct, though each contains the others. But none of them seemed to do him the slightest good, and after six years I found that I had tried every possible vegetable substance, without any beneficial effect. This fact is not valenyine by the farmer, simply because it is a thing that he has always been used to, and for which he is unable to find an explanation.

You need not look for our metallic seed among the elements. But no such triumph can take place unless the King imparts great strength and potency to his water and tinges it with his own colour, that thereby he may be consumed and become invisible, and then again recover his visible form, with a diminution of his simple essence, and a development of his perfection.


This sword he gave to the warder Vulcan, and bade him slay Mercury, and burn him, together with his bones, to ashes. Nor does it colour anything until it has been prepared, and dyed with its own colour, which it then imparts to all weak and imperfect metals.

Nor can any of the three other elements exist without air. Although many philosophers Have sought for me with eagerness, Yet very few succeed at length In finding out my secret virtue. Thus the stars and the elements may generate new spiritual, and, ultimately, new vegetable seed, by means of putrefaction.

In the same way you must repeatedly distil the water which you have extracted from the earth, and then again restore it to your earth, as the water in the Strait of Euripus frequently leaves the shore, and then covers it again until it arrives at a certain limit. If you do not possess the ashes, you will be unable to obtain our salt; and without our salt you will not be able to impart to our substance a bodily form; for the coagulation of all things is produced by salt alone.


That there can be no perfect generation or resuscitation without the co-operation of the four elements, you may see from the fact that when Adam had been formed by the Creator out of earth, there was no life in him, until God breathed into him a living spirit.

Not much can be found valrntine English-speaking internets on this guy, nor is he in my books, so we had to dig a little deeper. Nevertheless, it is the chief Key of the whole Art, howbeit set in the lowest and meanest place. So I read a great many books in our monastery written in olden times by philosophers who had pursued the same study, and was thereby stimulated to a more ardent desire of knowing that which they also knew.

As a young man he became a Roman Catholic priest and entered the Abbey of St. For it is not good for the Eagle to build her nest on the summit of the Alps, because her young ones are thus in great danger of being frozen to death by the intense cold that prevails there.

Thus the power of growth that I speak of is imparted not by the earth, but by the life-giving spirit that is in it. For he that has knowledge and experience on his side, must carry off the victory. The fire of bassilius spirit lamp is useless for our purpose.

Out of stones the master also prepares lime by burning which is very useful for our work- But before they are prepared with fire, vlaentine are mere stones. Valenyine also, thou who art a lover of this Art, that the salt that is gained from ashes has great potency, and possesses many concealed virtues.

Woodcuts appear in the edition. Women and the Great War: In bidding farewell, let me impart to you a faithful word. Therefore, when Neptune has prepared his bath, measure out carefully the exact quantity of basjlius water needed, and baxilius there be neither too little nor too much.

Thus have I been wishing to reveal to you in this treatise, as far as may be lawful to me, the Stone of the Ancients, that you, too, might possess the knowledge of this highest of earthly treasures for your health and comfort in this valley of sorrow. While he was executing his office, there appeared a beautiful lady in a long, silver robe, intertissued with many waters, who was immediately recognised as the Moon, the wife of the Sun.

This page was last edited on 23 Juneat Again, if that which has received the spark of life, is to be stirred up to motion and growth, it must be acted upon by air. Indeed, although the chemical compounds described by Basil Valentine have been the subject of considerable research, their medical influence has not been adequately assessed to date.

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Mary’s Bath, and the residuum of yellow powder washed away, you obtain a sweet powder which basillus no diarrhoea, but is justly regarded as a marvellously beneficial medicine.

Know that this is the only right and legitimate way of purifying our substance: Mercury holds the office of Chancellor; Arithmetic is his standard bearer, and his standard bwsilius of many colours; on it may be observed the figure of Temperance in a many coloured robe. For, after the enlightening grace of God, it is from them that Valentije received my knowledge.

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Another work attributed to Basil Valentine, the Triumph Wagen Antimoniihas a special significance for several reasons. Hence make water or combustible oil.

The final editions of and were essentially reprints of the fifth edition. Then the operations of earthly nature shall cease, and the heavenly and eternal dispensation shall take its place.

Hence the soul has to share the fate of the imperfect body, and when the body dies the soul has to leave it. He added that he would punish everyone who did not aid the execution of this sentence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The putrefaction of metallic seed must, like that of animal and vegetable seed, take place through the co-operation of the four elements.

The origin of the metals is described in terms of the three principles mercury, sulfur, and saltand the origin of these, in turn, is discussed through reference basilihs a macrocosmic distillation. Whoever uses this as a medium shall find whither the vestibules of the palace lead, and there is nothing comparable to the subtlety thereof. In other projects Calentine Commons. This they continued to do until they filled the whole world. He studied at the University Erfut and Jena He married in the town of Frankenhausen another salt town and was on the town council.

Out of three, and these are the three principles of all things. Let me conclude this chapter with one more remark. In the winter the multitude suppose everything to be dead, because the earth is bound in the chains of frost, so that nothing is allowed to sprout forth.

While they were still speaking the heaven was opened, and there came forth a mighty animal, with many thousands of young ones, which drove the warder before it, and opening its mouth wide, swallowed Venus, its fair helper, at the same time exclaiming with a loud voice: