Indies, by Bartolome de las Casas This eBook is for the use of anyone PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIES ***. “A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas Las Casas was not the only clerical voice that criticized Spanish imperialists. A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolom√© de las Casas. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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It can hardly be said or expressed, with how many injuries and unjust actions they barolome to afflict the poor Indians in these Countries from When the Spaniards departed out of the Kingdome invited the son of a certain Noble man, Governor either of a City or great Province, that he would go along with him, who answering that he was unwilling to leave his native Country, they hartolome to cut off his ears unless he would go along with him; notwithstanding all which, he persevered in his resolution; whereupon they cut off his nose and the upper part of his lip, with as little remorse as if they had been paring their nails.

The rest saved themselves by flight. Martha, with a resolution to make a further discovery of the Divine Gold of Peru: The blindness of the chief Governors of the Indies not permitting them to discern, that no man can be called a Rebel who is not before a Subject.

He worked on behalf of human rights in the New World until his death in July Thus not without the great joy of those devout persons, an entry was made, for the bringing of casaas inhabitants that were remaining in these Countries to the knowledge of Christ; but in the mean while by another way there entered in among them about eighteen Spanish Horsemen and twelve footmen, bringing with them great loads of Idols, which they had brought out of other Countries.

The Indians received them as their natural Countrymen, both Princes and subjects yielding obedience to them with much cheerfulness, bringing provision to them every day as much as would have sufficed to have served a far greater number; for this is the custom of the Inhabitants of this new world, to afford all necessaries to the Spaniards in great abundance.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies – Wikipedia

Upon which the wretched Indians beating their breasts for grief would now and then burst forth in these words, O perverse men, O cruel Spaniards, What will ye kill helpless women?

The images described by Las Casas were later depicted by Theodor de Bry in copper plate engravings that helped expand the Black Legend against Spain.

And it was related to me for certain, that a ship going from Hispaniola to the Island abrtolome Lucayos, thr thither without any compass, only by the carcasses that floated up and down the sea. This King flying from the cruelty and enormous murders of the Spaniards, being depriv’d of his Kingdom, died poorly in the mountains.

Another butchery was by them committed in the City of Tepeaca, which was a much larger City then the tbe. If I had decreed to reckon up the impieties, slaughters, cruelties, violences, rapines, murders, and iniquities, and other crimes committed by the Spaniards against God, the King, and these innocent Nations, I should make two large a volume: The Spaniards massacred millions of natives as a result, raping women and killing innocent children and infants along the way.

This Governor went further, having a great desire to see the lower parts of Peru; for which journey he provided an infinite number of Indians, lading them with chains and heavy burdens; and if any of them fainted by the way, because they would not destructjon to loosen the chains, they cut off their hands and heads, casting the head bartoloke way, and the body another, and their burdens destructioj divided and impos’d upon others.


Wherefore to avoid casxs, I shall say no more concerning these things, leaving them to be revealed at the day of judgment, when God shall pour his vengeance down upon these robbers and destroyers of mankind. Feed the stock of the slaughter, whose possessors slay them and hold themselves not guilty, and they that sell them say, Blessed be the Lord, for I am rich.

The reason why they did captivate the Indians was only this; out of a perverse, obstinate and blind desire of heaping up Gold and riches, which is common to all that have gone into America. Since the Spaniards horded most of the gold that they stole from the native villages and gave only a tiny fraction to the Spanish royal treasury, it was a higher priority for the Spanish nobles to recover the stolen gold and to prosecute the soldiers.

But the Indians at that time contemning the commands of their King, chose them a Captain whom xe made chief Commander of all their Forces. He father, a merchant, sailed with Columbus on his second voyage to the “New World. This Death they found out also for the Lords and Nobles of the Land; they stuck up forked sticks in the ground, and then laid certain perches upon them, and so laying abrtolome upon those perches, they put a gentle fire under, causing the fire to melt them away by degrees, to their unspeakable torment.

All this region was more populous then either Toledo, Seville, Valladolid, Augusta Cesarea, or Faventia; bartolo,e I may affirm that there is not at this present, neither was there indjes those places were at the highest of their flourishing estate, so many people as in those parts, which take up the space of above a thousand and eight hundred miles. Born in Seville, Spain, inBartolome de Las Casas became a loud voice for human rights of America’s indigenous population.

There was a vast number of people in this Province, for it contained divers cities above four mile in length: Having committed so many detestable slaughters upon the Indians in Mexico, or other places distant ten, fifteen and twenty miles from thence, this tyrannical plague proceeded to infest and depopulate the City of Panuco.

Then the Lord Hathvey going on with his speech, quoth he, If we do keep this Ed till he be taken from us, we shall be surely slain, and therefore I think it desturction for us to cast it into the River; so his counsel being followed, the Chest was cast into the River.

For the Indians, believed that the religious desteuction were guilty of the said treachery, partly because that their promises concerning the return of their King in four months had prov’d so vain, partly because the Indians make no distinction between the religious persons and the thieving Spaniards. Millions suffered and died because of the ruthlessness and barbarity of a few Spanish commanders and hundreds of their evil men.

Be certain that, in such a state as this, you can no more be saved than the Moors or Turks.

These Provinces from the year He was a sad sight to behold women with child gor’d through the body with these stakes; while others that lay uppermost were killed with swords and lances; those that would not in were cast to their dogs. Why have you burnt our gods, when as they do bring and fell others among us?

Into this River entered a perfidious Tyrant, wasting many miles of Land, committing many slaughters, consuming many by fire, and putting an infinite number of these poor Indians to the sword, that liv’d peaceably in their own houses without any suspicion of making disturbance. Other Islands there were near the Island of St. John and Jamaica In the yearthe Islands of St. And the poor captive Indians when they saw the Spaniards preparing for such journeys, at their departure would weep and fall into these kind of sad expressions, These are the journeys that we have often gone, to serve the Christians, and then we could return home again to visit our Wives and Children, but now all hope is cut off from us, and we must never see them more.


Now being in this manner gathered together in a great and wide place, part of the Spaniards all in arm, stood at the door to keep the rest out, while others with Swords and Lances kill’d the innocent Lambs, so that not one escaped. Even though it was their policy to convert the natives and protect their souls, they had a different agenda. It was a sad spectacle to behold this poor people preparing themselves to carry those burdens.

De Las Casas has been accused by many scholars [ citation needed ] about making exaggerated claims in terms of the death toll and mistreatment of the indigenous people.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies Summary & Study Guide

Away, away to Mexico, where our chief Lord Montezuma will revenge our quarrel. Martha, out of which it is bartollme, what strange things have been committed, and are daily committed by them. This is also a known thing, that they never do transport Indians from these places, but in their voyage they do pay lae third part of them as a tribute to the waves, besides those that are murdered in their own houses. But the cruelties and injuries of the Tyrants that went from these parts to depopulate which they called discover other Regions overtaking them; many Indians were by them slain, while they sought to defend themselves in the rocks: Dominick consulted about sending some of their Order to this Island, to spread the light of the Gospel among the Indians, for the salvation of their souls; Whereupon they sent a Licentiate, famous for his sanctity with a lay man, to accompany him, to visit the Country, bratolome with the Inhabitants, and to bartlome out fit places for the building of Monasteries.

The rest of the Nobles of these Provinces, seeing that all the chiefest of them, who had the power and government of the Kingdome in their indiez, were for no cause put to death, but because they were not able to give them gold, fled to the mountains for safety, charging their subjects to submit themselves to the Spaniards, but not to tell them where their sculking places were, nor to give them notice of their flight.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies Summary & Study Guide

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat John where the sold half, and from thence also to the Island of Hispaniola, where they sold the rest.

They found a numerous people, wise and well moraliz’d, over whom they exercis’d their wonted tyrannies, seeking to strike an awe and dread into them, with the anguish and the burdens wherewith they oppressed them. But now worse things follow. Of the fourth Tyrant that came well instructed lately in the year But he having received their gift, commanded the Spaniards every one of them to take all many Indians as they pleased, and to keep them for service as long as they should stay there.

Neither do we now wreck on those that died under the intolerable yoke and burdens d their captivity. The children they would indiss by the feet and dash their innocent heads against the rocks, and when they were fallen into the water, with a strange and cruel derision they would call upon them to swim.

They look out a window at the native peoples whose enslavement he denounced.