Li Kao may have a slight flaw in his character but the book has none. I recommend it unconditionally and I predict Barry Hughart has quite a. The first time I read Barry Hughart’s Bridge of Birds, I cried. I cried because the ending was that beautiful, because it was that sweet, and. When the children of his village were struck with a mysterious illness, Number Ten Ox found master Li Kao. Together they set out to find the Great Root of Power .

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It was the sort of book that disappoints you when you have to leave it at the end, like being exiled from a w When I moonlighted at the late, lamented “The Stars Our Destination” between about andthis was one of two books Alice Bentley stocked in vast quantity at deeply-discounted prices the other being the store’s namesake. If you need a light, escapist fantasy that’s a bit unusual, “Bridge of Birds” barrry a good choice.

And it involved them in an ancient crime that still perturbed the serenity of Heaven.

Because it’s so much more fun when it’s a helpless girl who needs rescuing — making it a guy would just be boring. This is a diagnosis of the Duke of Ch’in that strikes me as accurate, not just of the character but of the evils he represents. I should listen to you more often.

This book is different from most fantasy novels I have read. This is not to say the West has been ignorant of the Middle Kingdom, only that such knowledge is passed on by a limited group. Delightful is the best way to put it. They also meet Key Rabbit, who is married to Lotus Cloud.


The Bridge of Birds

The book’s description doesn’t do it justice and in fact doesn’t let on to what actually takes place in the story. Feb 13, Sean O’Hara rated it it was ok Shelves: Barry Hughart is a Western writer, of course, but he’s drawing on non-typical settings and sources — although, of course, a lot of the stories and lore in this book is made up for the purposes of the story, there are also things I recognise from the little I’ve read of Monkey Journey to the West. Men and women laughed and wept in open air theatres, and gamblers screamed and swore around the dice games and cricket fights.

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight gughart in our Pro Connect email alert. Want to Read saving…. Also posted to Bary. Amongst myself and those I have met in my life in the West, little to none ever received any Asian history lessons.

It was the morning of my nineteenth birthday, and he thought for a long time before coming up with the proper words of congratulation. Simply and charmingly told, this is a wry tale, a sly tale, and a story of wisdom delightfully askew.

Hughart barey also a master of foreshadowing in this book, and as the Duke of Ch’in’s identity falls into place and we learn how he came to be so powerful, we see just how well Hughart laid out the steps leading up to the climax: They begin by seeking it in the palace of the feared Ancestress. Here’s my dirty literary secret: By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to bridte Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart

Archived from the original on 10 October Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. However, I am glad that I finished it, since the reward at the end was worth it.

This beauty is counterbalanced by a predilection for casual violence and delightfully juvenile humor, often involving bodily fluids: Remaining lost to most Westerners is the rich history and culture which have brought China to the place it is today. Bridge of Birds is a fantasy novel by Barry Hughartfirst published in The children of a village aged between 8 and 13 are mysteriously poisoned leaving the villagers in a state of shock and worry.

The characters are funny, yes, but the book was not written to make you laugh. Master Li is the brains of the operation and Number Ten Ox is the brawn.

Bridge of Birds

The humour really drives the plot forward with a gag a minute just rolling through one on top of the other. Writing a review of Bridge of Birds is a challenge that I admit to not being up to. He has lived well, however, and preserved his sense of adventure and justice.