My reference for this piece is: Judicael Perroy plays Barrios Choro de Saudade on the GSI channel on youtube. There are some critics about. AGUSTIN BARRIOS MANGORE. Chôro da saudade. The Guitar School – Iceland Page 2. Check out Choro de saudade by Béla Bánfalvi & Augustine Barrios Mangore Georgi Moravsky on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s .

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In the end the reason for this is the same as the reason for the semitones in the scale and many of the issues around temperament — the fifth does not fit neatly into the octave. My reference for this piece is: If there is no answer to that question, we may be in freefall — a chain of dominant sevenths might create that effect, but then again we may only be going round the same arc of the circle of fifths that defines the scale if you look at any 7-note arc, you will find that the notes it includes always make a natural scale, i.

There are a lot of slurs in this piece, and yes it is a challenge. Having a deadline like a masterclass presentation in a shorter time than you are used to having will not allow you to be inefficient. This was definitely a major problem for me. Attention to dynamics and phrasing earlier in the process of learning the piece. When the sun shines, bask. I realise this isn’t constructive critique as such. Any help is appreciated.

I have hair like Judicael Perroy Yesterday I had a tough day in the practice room If we are going to stay with the circle of fifths for the length of the arc but still get back where we started, one of the chords will have to be different — otherwise the chain will overshoot by a semitone and will then continue on around the circle. It is contrast that makes it interesting. I think I’ll watch some of his other videos too.


Analysis of Choro da Saudade -Barrios – Classical Guitar

And, once again – bravo!! You may not achieve it, but it is the focus of the practice. I now knew the piece, but had been practicing it very slowly. Again, thank you for your comments. Last edited by Jeffrey Armbruster on Sat Nov 04, 1: It is not without flaws, of course! For hours at a time.

Hope that answers your question! This recording is unedited, and I used my Zoom H4n without any post waudade. Now that I am playing it at this tempo, I feel like I have my hands really really full!

Let us know how the MC goes! The way I was remembering the sequence was by where the bass line was going. Normal forum copyright rules apply. For the past few weeksI have been trying to record myself nearly every day or two to eaudade rid of the inhibition with which I start a piece when I push the red “record” button or am placed in a performance situation. In fact, while listening this morning the day after recordingI almost spit my coffee out when I heard my flub right near the saudzde where I missed the D at the peak of the phrase.

I’ll keep working at making the beginning more confident. This piece is way beyond waudade. Hopefully, the commentary will help me and others learn how to listen critically and how to move forward with a musically challenging piece.

Classical Guitar

I think the more rubato, and dynamic variation, you put into it, the more effect it will have. I did get used to the scordatura Tell cboro what I am missing. It’s ‘on the ground’ stuff. I am trying to get to grips with music theory and just wanted to say thanks for the link to the youtube lesson provided in this thread.

My teacher thought it dragged a bit too much and the pulse did not feel like it was in two. There are some critics about this interpretation but I find it very logical and natural The buzzing is due many times to imprecision in a barre where the string slides into a joint crease, or sometimes when I need to precisely place the little finger on a large shift.


Classical Guitar Skip to content. I went to an Sauadde Ghilia masterclass a few weeks ago and he asudade about what story the music is telling. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website.

Personally I would look at this as an alteration of the first chord rather than a true change of harmony – I don’t think the harmony really changes until the next measure. A great job with a challenging piece.

Basically, you are sitting down to practice and you are trying to accomplish a particular thing. In another six months, I know it barrlos be more solid and I will feel more in control of sadade. Yes, I see it all comes down to efficient practice — and clear definition of goals. File access restricted to members who have made at least 2 posts. If you ask yourself what note you would expect the piece to end on, if it were to end at the first possible opportunity, that note is what you perceive as the tonal centre at that point it may be better to call it the root of the chord that defines the tonal centre.

I meant to play the piece as written as far as repeats go, but I tried for continuity first and foremost rather than stopping or trying to fix it on the fly. Chris had me bring small bits at a time up to and a bit past the tempo I planned to play the piece. Classical Guitar Skip to content. Obviously, it is still a work in progress!