Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. When Katherine Whitfield finds a chest containing Almost Home – Kindle edition by Barbara Freethy. Download it . Almost Home [Barbara Freethy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fans of Robyn Carr, Catherine Anderson and Nora Roberts will enjoy. TROUBLE IN PARADISE Katherine Whitfield hadn’t left her seamless life in California to get mixed-up with a rough around the edges man like Zach Tyler.

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Pdhal dr segi cerita lumayan menjanjikan.

The ending was predictable and happy and sometimes I just like to read these books. I have started reading her books over the last year. Aug 18, Cindy rated it it was amazing. Why does she not show a photo of her mother to anyone? Yes, her probing questions and tantalizing ways could cause nothing but trouble – but sometimes a man needs a little trouble Almost home is my 2nd favorite book of Ms. It brought back some memories. The author then surrounds them with a bunch of interesting secondary characters and places them in a setting so well described I felt I was there in the lush Kentucky countryside.

The character’s name is Sam Jordan but at one point his last name is stated to be Jamison. Zach has a gentle hand with horses and a seductive touch with women … and when he takes Katherine in his arms, he unleashes the almoost simmering just below her cool exterior. Setelah tau fakta tsb Zach marah ke Kat krn Stanton almoost farm ke Kat, halooo ga salah itu, Zach cuman pengelola, suka2 Stanton dong mau wariskan ke siapa, Kat lebih berhak krn dia adalah cucunya.


Trivia About Almost Home.

Ms Freethy is awesome! Zach and Katherine both led amazing lives, and that was before they met. Finding a parent who wasn’t in the picture was sure to put folks on the defensive from the feethy.

Barbara Freethy is a former public relations professional and freelance business writer. Katherine Whitfield hadn’t left her seamless life in California to get mixed-up with a rough around the edges man like Zach Tyler.

I’ve lived more of my life without her than with her, but it still matters. Katherine is searching for a map when she nearly collides with almoet trailer and meets a very unfriendly Zach Taylor.

Availability: Almost home [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Barbara Freethy.

From the moment they meet they want to get it on, and they jump into bed metaphorically after knowing each other for barely a week. You put yourself out there for the world to like or dislike.

This author is not for me it seems. I highly recommend it. Almost Home Barbara Freethy Bxrbara preview available – May 08, Becky Claxon rated homw it was amazing. A romance with depth of characters. It’s so cliche and stereotypical.

Almost Home

He is the manager of their horse farm. The Callaways are a family born to “serve and protect” and many of hoome characters are San Francisco firefighters. Quotes from Almost Home. Tl;dr version- I can’t think of anything redeeming about this book and absolutely would not recommend it. Looking forward to reading the other books by Freethy!


Almost Home – Barbara Freethy – Google Books

She came across as naive and irritating. Zach is homw with her as his horse is his ticket to win the Kentucky Derby. Sweet romance included in story. With hhome well-worn jeans and slow, seductive smile, he was nothing but a cowboy on the wrong side of the Mississippi — a diversion in her heartfelt quest When her determination went up against his stubborn pride they incinerated. And for the identity of Katherine’s father, there’s a lot of red herrings and it’s supposed to be a mystery but also at some point I just gave up caring.

Her additional novels include: Freethy’s protagonists have such depth of character and personal conflict that they come alive on the pages.

Growing up in an all-boy neighborhood, she spent quite a bit of time reading through her mother’s large library, many of which abrbara romantic novels. T Katherine Whitfield never knew her father and lost her mother when she was only twelve. Like my reread of The Sweetest Thing, a lot of my opinions have chan Original rating: A complicated story about a gal trying to find her real father with very little to go on and Freethy weaves a wonderful story around barbaara.

Other popular standalone titles include: I think I’ve done in this genre and this author!