Statism and Anarchy is a complete English translation of the last work by the great Russian anarchist Michael Bakunin. It was written in , in the aftermath of. Statism and Anarchy has ratings and 20 reviews. Laurent said: I’m going to start by being brutally honest: this book is almost no fun at all, but the. Cambridge Core – European Studies – Bakunin: Statism and Anarchy – edited by Marshall Shatz.

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It is fair to say that this is a book best suited for extracts within an anthology — but what extracts they are!

Statism and Anarchy by Mikhail Bakunin

They seek power, and would be oppressors like anyone else if they got it. Every nation statidm an individuality, and like every individual, it has a right to be itself.

Germans are taken to have a deep passion for slavery and domination, oscillating between the two poles. Ironically enough, the principality of Serbia is a constitutional state, and all the legislators are elected by the aanrchy. Egli infatti, in estrema sintesi sostiene due cose: The people are not learned, so they will be liberated from the cares of government and included in entirety in the governed herd.

The opposite theory, state communism and the authority of the scientists, attracts and confuses its followers and, under the pretext of political tactics, makes continuous deals with the governments and various bourgeois political parties, and bakunib directly pushed towards reaction. Let us ask, if the proletariat is to be the ruling class, over whom is it to rule? The dictatorial power of statisj learned minority is concealed by the fiction of a pseudo-representative government which presumes to express the will of the people.

Our people have shown that they need encouragement.

The experience of the last twenty years in different lands has shown conclusively that this is impossible. Science in the true sense of that word, real science, is at this time within reach of only an insignificant minority. Being less connected than urban workers to the core functioning of capitalism, the peasants are taken to retain the instinct of rebellion. In opposition to the metaphysicians, the positivists, and all the worshippers of science, we declare that natural and social life always comes before theory, which is only one of its manifestations but never its creator.


Nevertheless, the ideal of the Russian people is overshadowed by three other traits which denature and retard the realization of this ideal; traits which we must combat with all our energy Give them full power and they will begin by performing on human beings the same experiments that the scientists are now performing on rabbits and dogs. His accounts of politics thus include classes as well as states.


The first of these traits is the conviction, held by all the people, that the land rightfully belongs to them. For Draper, like most Marxists, electing rulers was the be-all and end-all of freedom.

There is only one main question confronting all nations, one universal problem: After joining the International the Slavic proletariat must form factory, crafts, and agricultural sections, uniting these into local federations, and if expedient unite the local federations into an all-Slavic federation.

Reflections on the General Election Wednesday, May 2, She created a new objective for all humanity — the ideal of absolute freedom for all men — but only in the exclusively political field.

Later, from the depths of the popular soul, there will spontaneously emerge the new creative forms of social life. Andrew Robinson is a political theorist and activist based in the UK.

Statism and Anarchy (Texts in the History of Political Thought)

In opposition to the Comtean positivists, Bakunin contended that the scientific laws governing inanimate objects could not apply to the behavior of living beings endowed with the faculty of choice and the ability to modify their conduct as the situation demanded.

In discussing bakujin program of the moderate liberals and the Populists, Bakunin gives his views on the efficacy of cooperatives, and the establishment qnd colonies communes and other reformist measures to bring about fundamental social changes. But once the proletariat seizes the State, it must move at once to abolish immediately this eternal prison of the people. This explains why the patriarchal principle dominates the Miran odious tyranny, a bakuinn submission, and the absolute negation of all individual and family rights.


For Bakunin, the only response to such military barbarism is an equally savage and ruthless force. In part one, Robinson introduces Bakunin’s thoughts on statism and class struggle.

Statism and Anarchy – Wikipedia

We are confident that this alone will bring satisfactory results. I very much enjoyed these thoughtful, careful essays, and look forward to part 3. Paperbackpages.

Matteo Corciolani rated it really liked it Aug 25, Marx bakunih his friends — who will then liberate them in their own way. The liberal idea of a state resulting from a social contract is taken by Bakunin to contrast with the real nature of states.

Quite logically, since they have accepted the basic premise which we consider completely mistaken that thought precedes life, that theory is prior to social experience, and, therefore, that social science has to be the starting point for all social upheavals and reconstructions. The other tendency is to fight, to revolt. Therefore, one of the main tasks of revolutionary youth is to establish at all costs and by every possible means a vital line of revolt between the isolated rural communities.

The Marxist theory solves this dilemma very simply. The Russian rural community, already sufficiently weakened by patriarchalism, is hopelessly corrupted and crushed by the State.

A universal bakuninn is impossible because the state depends on control. It seeks the strongest possible state against rebellion. Marking 70 Years of Palestinian dispossession, and resistance Saturday, May 12, But might the grass-roots collectivist anarchy of the hippies, refueled by the decentralized energies of social media, come back again with greater force next time?

Can anyone imagine a more absurd and abject despotism? He also attaches great importance to ethnic conflict in international relations. If we try to emancipate the people by lies we will mislead not only them but ourselves as well, deviating from and losing sight of our true objective.