DOWNLOAD Logics of Worlds is the sequel to Alain Badiou’s much-heralded masterpiece, Being and Event. Tackling the questions that had. Villanova New Encounters in French and Italian Thought (Dr. Brian A. Smith, University of Dundee) The Life of the Individual in Badiou’s Logics of Worlds. LOGICS OF WORLDS. Page 1. Page 2. Also available from Continuum: Being and Event, Alain Badiou Conditions, Alain Badiou Infinite Thought.

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They must be valued in themselves for the stated goals and achievements that they aim at, and only in this way can they then have the secondary effect of bringing tension to their world through a sense of solidarity.

But worldd doing so he cuts himself off from this powerful notion of ideological critique, something that could be engaged in at the superficial level of the individual.

Unafraid to resurrect and reinvent the classical themes of philosophy, Badiou gives new meaning to concepts such as object, body and relation, mobilising them in arresting studies that range from badiok architectural planning of Brasilia to contemporary astronomy, logic confronting himself with towering philosophical counterparts Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Lacan, Deleuze.

Look, I really enjoy reading Badiou. Since the publication of his magisterial Being and Eventwe have been impatient to see what could not be foreseen: It is a great strength as well, for he is able to introduce new relations on their own, rather than having to continually modify language we are already familiar with.

Jul 23, J. This tact understanding is also Deleuze’s greatest insight which I kf exceeds Badiou. Badiou does use language that can sometimes be pretty dense. Each such ontological base is capable of supporting an infinite number of worlds, so the existence of a specific world cannot be derived from its base, wworlds the fundamental material nature of that world is determined in the last instance by its base.

The Neolithic, Capitalism, and Communism. Sometimes you have to wonder about someone’s philosophy when the majority of their rabid fans outside of philosophy, but in other academic departments or nothold them up as od but can only explain what they mean in other obscurantisms.

Daliabraham rated it it was amazing Nov 14, In fact, Badio genius at the end of the 19th century relied on solidifying what Descartes started: He continues to teach a popular seminar at the Coll Alain Badiou, Ph. Enter the email address you signed baidou with and we’ll email you a reset link. Either a world has sufficient points such that it could support a revolutionary body, capable of incorporating the changes that an event makes possible, or it does not.


On the onset, Badiou’s materialist dialectic seems fairly obscure.

Logics of Worlds: Being and Event, 2

The structure of a topological space will seem familiar to anyone who has read Being and Event and recalls the fundamental relation between a set and the subsets of those sets, that of the difference between belonging and inclusion. For Newtonians, this occult hypothesis is gravity. The various different situations baciou little input as to the method of the formalization, although the success of the formalization requires a method of logicz — “chunking”. And it has more engagement with works of art and literature, if that’s the kind of thing you enjoy.

How is the revolution itself produced? Likewise, Marx explains exchange value through the various different use values of products: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Sebastian rated it really liked it Jul 18, I was pretty much lost and had to rely upon my understanding of the phenomenological analyses and applications to thinkers to get me through.

His other critique — that Deleuze reduces everything into a monotonous elan vital, similar to Spinoza’s lack of a logisc distinction of substances and subjectivity is well taken, however. An engagement with semiotics as well as a deeper engagement with the Heideggerean concept of world and a reading of Sellars would sharpen this position, and shore up the foundational conceit of the book.

In his approach here, Badlou continues to wrap different worlds as increasingly complex localizations that appear to one another, but in the process of doing so always presents it within an absolute envelope m that is routinely defined as the mode by which these different atoms can interrelate and be associated with one another.

Menu Home About Contact Beyond. He rejects this flip in Deleuze so he can then “discover” it again — abdiou doing so on his terms. With such a site Badiou gives three further types of change: His main value in the conversation is his ability to provide surjection between the domains of math and philosophy. This allowed Badiou to theorize what he there called the “event”, the paradoxical occurrence that, by locally suspending the fundamental axioms normally governing the appearance of any object or entity as such, allows essentially new groupings, indiscernible by means of the resources of the existing situation, suddenly to appear and work their transformative effects.


Logics of Worlds: Being and Event, 2 by Alain Badiou

Indeed, insofar as Badiou’s theory of evental change in both books demands that the event, if it is to be truly transformative, amounts to the sudden, unpredictable advent to appearance of a kind of phenomenon that could not possibly be discerned within the previously existing situation, it seems to deprive us of the possibility of anticipating, even in vague outline, these possibilities of radical change or locating their likely sites wor,ds appearance until after the event.

Want to Read saving…. Open Preview See a Problem? On the one hand, Badiou understands that his philosophy only has value badiu he is able to connect it to real-life situations thus his talking about life and death but on woflds other hand, he wishes for the most obscure concepts in order to be recognized with his heroes, as a philosopher.

For Badiou, every meaningful action has to be linked to an event, and the idea provides his answer to how we can always be linked worldw a past event baciou potentially subjectivise our action: That is to say, the pure immanence of a specific approach requires the routine nullification of external connections in-itself. An exception both to the axioms of the multiple and to the transcendental constitution of objects and relations.

The book discloses Badiou’s world at the time of writing, and the structure of the book as well as the copious and fascinating footnotes highlight the difference from Being and Event.

This is the question of the extent to which the elaborate formal apparatus that Badiou develops in both books in fact supports the militant loyics doctrines of evental change and generic Truth that underlie his more polemic claims, both with respect to existing philosophical projects and the larger socio-political situation.

However, this change is significant for transforming a world from what Badiou would term an atonic world 1 NOTE: