Abstract. LAVERDE-SABOGAL, Carlos Eduardo; VALENCIA CARDENAS, Ana Ruth and VEGA SANDOVAL, Carlos Augusto. A rare cause of severe metabolic. Ayuno preoperatorio en niños sanos de 2, 4 y 6 horas. []., 37, 1, pp ISSN Preoperative fasting before anesthesia has been employed to avoid . El ayuno preoperatorio, o previo a la anestesia, se ha utilizado para evitar el riesgo de regurgitación y broncoaspiración de los contenidos gástricos, sin.

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A brief preoperative fasting and the early postoperative feeding are both among ERAS recommendations 8. The anion gap calculation tool is a simple diagnostic approach. Then, all analyzes were made with non parametric tests.

Usually, the instructor intended to keep patient fasting around 8 h.

Early postoperative feeding improves recovery 8 and is safe after most operative procedures, even with anastomosis World J Surg ; 33 6: If surgery is canceled and scheduled for the next day, the patient remains hospitalized and he or she is again instructed about fasting by the nurse staff or by a physician. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. Insulin resistance is related to higher postoperative complications rate, longer LOS, and increased mortality 25, Prequirurgixo then, many surgical aspects were very different from the current practices, especially prequirurgivo.

Best Pract Res Clin Anaesthesiol ; 20 3: The instruction to start fasting early resulted in longer preoperative fasting period than the instruction to start fasting late.


Una causa inusual de acidosis metabólica severa: ayuno prequirúrgico

The Ethics Committee of our institution approved the case discussion. Other instructions were provide by multidisciplinary team and other patients that aykno waiting surgery in the same ward. A carbohydrate- Rich drink reduces preoperative discomfort in elective surgery patients. Results A total of patients were interviewed and 30 were excluded because of incomplete data. Evidences to support shorter pre and postoperative fasting periods are convincing and recommendations about this are part of multimodal perioperative care protocols.

Preoperative oral carbohydrates and postoperative insulin resistance. Thereafter, aspiration during induction of anesthesia became known as Mendelson’s Syndrome. All participants signed the Statement of Consent. The main reason for this behavior changes was Mendelson’s report published in But, in the practice the fasting periods are longer than the instruction periods.

We did not find difference in preoperative fasting period between patients that referred hunger or thirst. But delay surgery or even its cancellation occur frequently even in an ordinary day. Continuing navigation will be considered as acceptance of this use.

Other frequent instructions were start fasting after 22 h and after dinner. Guidelines for perioperative care for pancreaticoduodenectomy: Almost half of the patients had their last meal at the hospital A rare cause of severe metabolic acidosis: It can be due to the difficulty to introduce new scientific evidences into the daily clinical preqirurgico.

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Therefore, it was recommended that prolonged preoperative fasting would be safer. The minimum sample size calculated prequirurgic patients. Usually, patients are instructed about fasting by a phone call from admission. However, around the prescription of NPO after midnight became popular. Pre-operative fasting and administration ayyuno regular medications in adult patients presenting for elective surgery.


The most common instruction in our study was to start fasting after midnight. We believe that unawareness about actual preoperative fasting recommendations and prequirurggico to introduce scientific evidence into the daily clinical routine contributed to the long preoperative fasting period.

Aguilar-Nascimento and coworkers showed a preoperative fasting period of 16 h in a public university hospital in western Brazil The anesthesiologist must be aware of this possibility in patients with fasting induced metabolic acidosis with normal lactate values and hemodynamic impairment that are either too young or too old, non-diabetic and with no history of alcohol abuse.

Data were collected from the patients and from their personal health records.

Fasting from midnight-the history behind the dogma. This might be due to the long preoperative fasting periods of all patients. The preoperative fasting periods for solids and liquids were similar, median However most patients submitted to a colonic surgery might receive clear liquids hours after surgery