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Kumbhakarna kills indiscriminately and wreaks much havoc. The great bow of Shiva by the name of Pinaka was kept in the arena. It is customary of the Indian tradition of writing that the author begins a new book with invocation to the Gods to ensure that the sankalpa is finished unhindered.

Enraged, he cursed Indra with impotence.

ram charit manas ayodhya kand doha

Love’s consort Rati faints as soon as she hears of rxmcharitmanas husband’s demise. He advises her to not harbor such doubts and accept that she had seen Ram, whom Agastya had praised earlier. Welcome of Ayodhya residents by Sri Bhardwaj.

Manu and Shatarupa first sacrifice food and then water and are finally willing to sacrifice air. Vishwamitra narrated Ahalya’s story to Ram, and asked him to free her.

Rama knew before hand the intention of Vishvamitra in asking him to come along with him. He accuses her of bringing ruin to the family. Sati forgets that Shiva knows all that has happened and is disappointed that she was disguised as his Sita.


Lakshman escorts Sugriva to Rama and upon seeing Him, Sugriva falls as his feet and begs forgiveness. Lakshman sees the huge army of people with Bharata and immediately begins to chastise Bharata. The army deliberate over how to cross the ocean to Lanka. This causes great distress to Janaka who wonders aloud if the earth has become devoid of brave men. Dialogue of Sri Lakshmana and Nishad. Hanuman takes Jambavan ‘s suggestion and immediately takes off for Lanka.

Lastly Rama meets Bharata with great affection and love. The residents of Ayodhya can’t spare the thought of being away from Rama and decide to join him in the forest.

Dialogue of Sri Bharata and Kaushalya. Ravana takes great exception to this suggestion and begins to insult Vibhishan particularly.

As per the curse, Pratapbhanu, Arimardam and Dharmaruchi are all killed as other neighboring kings invade Kaikay. He tells him he has no need kanv a weakling like him and that he is no longer needed.

ram charit manas ayodhya kand doha 159

Manthara reminds Queen Kaikeyi of the two boons that the King had promised her. Meeting of Sri Bharata with Bhardwaj in Prayag. Her body thins greatly due to her self-mortification after which Brahma declares that she should cease her severe penances as Shiva would soon be hers. He returns to the ocean to extinguish his tail and then goes to Sita to reassure her that the next time she sees him, it will be with Rama.


Finally Rama and Sita are reunited. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Shiva sits under a banyan tree and enters into a long trance. He begs Vishnu to invalidate his curse. Despite all of Bharata ‘s convincing, Rama is true to ramcharitmanax word given to his father and step mother Kaikeyiand vows that he will fulfill her wish.

Ramcharitmanas – Wikipedia

Ravan takes the news of Lakshman’s recovery very badly and decides to awaken his brother Kumbhakarna. The breaking of Pinaka causes a great noise that disturbs the great sage Parashurama in his meditation and he storms into the swayamvara arena in great anger vowing to kill whoever had dared to break the bow of lord Shiva. The writing of Ramcharitmanas also heralded many a cultural tradition, most significantly that of the tradition of Ramlilathe dramatic enactment of the text.