avidemux Avidemux is a free, open source video editor used for cutting, filtering, and encoding with support for a number of different file. P-frame duplication in avidemux on Mac OS X [image] I had thought it wasn’ t possible to install a version of avidemux that was old enough. I have researched many DataMoshing tutorials online and many of Open ‘ AviDemux ‘ Go to ‘FILE’ and load in the video you want to use.

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Making Video Glitch Art: See my test video on YouTube to see what I mean. But I can do the next best thing and give you the settings for each of the 5 presets.

I have followed your steps precisely with raw footage but it doesn’t seem to work the same or doesn’t work at all. Your friends will be amazed: Give it a shot! Hi, thanks a lot for this tutorial, works fine. I’m not quite sure.

Batch processing

If you saw the above image and wondered how you can turn yours into a. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Like I mentioned in the other comment, you’ll have to manually move to the first frame of every scene-change, and cut out that first frame. You can upload your GIFs to a variety of places: Running on Windows bit and downloaded the link posted above to Avidemux.


Frames which store an entire picture are called I-frames Intra-codedand can be displayed without any additional information.

Making Video Glitch Art: How to Datamosh, in Plain English

Then, in the second part these I-frames are removed. Could you elaborate a little more on this, please? User Tools Log In. That’s a great gutorial

Regardless of the application of the term, datamoshing videos can be done quite easily with free, cross-platform tools. I’m wondering if anyone else has successfully done this on a Mac? I fibbed about the 2. This page tries to explain how batch processing works with Avidemux.

This will automatically remove the I-frames from an. I recommend choosing a video file that has lots of tuttorial in it. Similarly when i lower the i-frame interval, i get more i-frames showing, but when i delete them, the video doesent mosh.

How to datamosh videos | Datamoshing

It might ask you if you want to enable smart copy – just say no. Now, hit the Configure button right below that. Datamoshing involves breaking files. I’d love to see it: Luis Guedes 31 August at When the motion prediction is added, the colors get simplified and thus really trippy.


Downloads for Windows or Linux: I 00 and Frame Type: I switched the max to and saved it as a new file and then run into this roadblock.

If you create your own combine batch settings, make sure order of command-line parameters is always —load something, —run something and —save something AVIdemux will run these options in given order. I think for you it’d be “I-frame Threshold” – try setting that really high. I notice that the datamoshed video has a slight green tint when editting it back into a project containing the original video footage.

This is where some more tools come into play!

Avidemux – Main Page

I have put everything I learned from those tutorials into this tutorial so I think this is one of the best, most comprehensive DataMoshing tutorials you will find online.

From there it seems to work as normal then.

Avidemux lets you name files anything which can result in output files having the wrong extension causing issues with other software. But if it works for you then I am obviously wrong.