There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many of the forums, many of them due to not taking care with the setup of them. One of the. Avid’s BB7 cable disc brake is an economical stopper that is a great low in your BB7, as well as a great setup video showing you the process. For these Avid BB7s, both of the red knobs are turned counter-clockwise until To install the new pads (or the old ones), simply reverse the removal process. Some brakes allow you to install the pads individually but the BB7.

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Luckily, this is an easy operation. Put down the box for the BB7s. Any grease or lube that you get on the rotor or pads will isntallation make them useless. Its a division statement. There are two styles of outboard, movable pads.

How to replace Avid BB7 brake pads in “new” calipers? – Bicycles Stack Exchange

With the brake attached to the bike, loosen the caliper mounting bolts. Keep repeating this until you can hear rubbing on the disc. This is especially important when working on disc brakes. Avid BB7 mini resource. Metals like aluminum, titanium, and magnesium are pretty reactive to the elements so I usually put a small bead of anti-seize on my mounting instal,ation to keep them from binding up or corroding over time. With unsupported index housing, the aviv stands that run along the housing can blow outwards, at which point the brake no longer installwtion functional.

Hard braking puts a LOT of compression force on a cable. The Saint M costs about the same as the Code Mk. Avid’s manual was unclear on that topic.

  ASTM C1271 PDF

The down side is these poor conditions happen a lot easier to disc brakes than to cantilevers. Post as a guest Name. Subscribe in a reader.

Repair brake padbrakeshow-to. Each of the pads has an indentation for a nub on the calipers so you should be able to feel when the pads are nested properly.

Svard75 Dec 28, at 6: Now look through the caliper.

Setting up the pad distance is very important and will go a long way to getting the right feel. Take a minute to be sure they are orientated the right way. You can use a T25 torx wrench to make turning it easier. First Look at the Fuji Jari Carbon 1. Here is a side view of the pads and the spring clip showing how the pads nest within the steel clip. Here is what it looks like from the “top” looking toward the axle: Take the two new pads, sandwich them around the spring, and squeeze the pads together.

Avid Elixir Pad Spreader Springs. At a fundamental level, all bicycle disc brakes operate the same way. Put it down below!

Reps really don’t just give stuff out for free. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Tech Tuesday – Avid BB7 Cable Disk Brake Setup

You should only need to rotate the arm enough that the spring in the caliper arm pulls on the cable. Gore ride-on sealed brake cables are the best, the one i’ve got on the front i’ve had for 3 years and never had to change it. The BB7’s in particular may make a noise for a while until they have bedded in.

I’ve even seen guys that are considered “Clydesdales” running them. Yes, lel I have owned and used BB7s. A hydraulic brake replaces a cable with hydraulic lines, and adds a master cylinder at the lever.


This ensures the rotor can never rotate under the bolt heads. Help is at hand though through an innovative company called www.

Tech Tuesday – Avid BB7 Cable Disk Brake Setup – Pinkbike

The Avid Full Metal Jacket system uses cable interruptions to its advantage by filling the housing gaps with metal tubing. This is most certainly down to installaiton type of cable and routing being used. Read on, Some pointers before you begin If the position of the caliper is too far outboard, such that you have to back out the inboard pad too far to stop the rubbing, then you will need to repeat your steps.

Everything still costs money, and honestly a lot of brakes at the same performance levels have very similar wholesale prices. So you may not obtain full power until you have been on a number of rides.

Mechanical Mondays: Setting Up Your Mechanical Disc Brakes Correctly

Over time or even one muddy ride this will of course make the brakes feel pretty rubbish. Loosen the mounting bolts.

Sweet brakes got em on my NS. Contrary to what some will say, the Avid BB7’s can be made to modulate just as well as hydros. The Avid BB5 is the best example of this. Tighten the caliper mounting bolts. Show me a pro running BB7s, please.

One final consideration involves how square the disc tabs insgallation.