Latest versions of Autronic Autotune & manual tune software. (requires x 32bit code support), All SM3, SM4, EVO9 & Subaru – ECUs, Download. Select Manufacturer “Autronic” Model “SM4”. Refer to Race Studio Configuration user manual for further information concerning the loggers configuration. Autronic SMC Manual ver 6. Software. PC hardware requirements. The calibration and data logging software supplied with Autronic SMC ECU may be used.

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Do not change these values until the fuel and ignition tables are fully mapped.

Click here to open MRM Racing SM4 manual |

Options – 4 Stroke or 2 stroke engine. Ign cylinder trims Individual ignition aitronic can be applied. Select between different chip versions or models. FileCal Menu Open cal file Open a previously saved calibration. Helps stop engine stalling.

Manual Tuning with the M maths Key on the keyboard This method is done by using the PC data logger to record the air fuel ratios. But things are a bit more complicated than that. This calibration table allows engine coolant temperature and engine “load” dependent control of additional fuel delivery. Multi-throttle turbo engines OR Multi-throttle non turbo engines. PC data cable must be connected and ignition switched on.

Start with feeling on the throttle that the boost pressure stops on a reasonable level. See in this manual “crank and cam sensor set up” for detailed wiring and setup.


Finally a SM4 manual to download – Autronic MRM Forum

The sensor should be mounted after the engine and before the thermostat in the coolant circuit. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Edit-window Menu This menu has different looks depending from witch menu you came from.

You select the analog channel under “M2 tables axis setup” and the analog channel percentage is percentage of correction applied. Its Black Anodized Billet Aluminium O-ring sealed case offers significantly enhanced environmental protection. An manuql arrow would manuwl that the trigger edge is the transition from low-to-high and is called rising edge.

Pneumatic valve autronoc three ports, where one connects to one of the other two depending on if it is energized or not. This type of mapping is only for naturally aspirated engines and not recommended in most cases.

Larger time span means less pages to print. Boost dynamic comp Boost control dynamic compensation. Shown as a blue cell.

When you invert a Push-Pull output it is actually like shifting output polarity, If you connect one Push-Pull output to a stock fan relay and fan stops instead of starting you just manuwl to invert the output. And that we got the wanted KPA at rpm.


Number of cylinders Types. OverRun shutdown com Over-run shutdown commence. Copy calibration OR data log files to other drives. Some functions need an output to be autronkc. Sometimes the static load condition is the worst case, and sometimes it is the dynamic, transientload case. PC warnings can be read from the calibration file.

Compatible with 2 and 3 wire and stepper type actuators. You can also select the fervency like the example above. One signal consists of evenly spaced pulses, each representation of 2 deg engine movement. Error can be syntax which means cannot understand what want to do or range which means new data will fall out of range.

Sets engine idle speed based on battery voltage. The exact air-fuel ratio to completely combust a fuel. All fuel system components and wiring should be mounted away from heat sources, shielded if necessary, and well vented.

Higher engine speeds means the ,anual temperature is less effected by the water temperature. Useful when want to see the whole data quickly.


Table properties Shows the table properties. Unused Ignition outputs are available for alternate output up to 3. Car takes off