Introduction Of Project Project Definition: Project title is ―AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR COUNTER ―. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 6, Issue 7, July ISSN Bidirectional Visitor Counter with Automatic. Project title is ―AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH. BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR COUNTER ―. The objective of this project is to make a controller.

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What Will happen when the person enters the room and passes through first sensor but for any reason he will comes back before reaching to the second sensor?? Also Liquid Crystal Display screen is an electronic display in addition the total number of person in the room be module and bidirectiobal a wide range of applications. One relay driver circuit we are using to control the light.

I want to know that if you are using controller is there any program written on it? We have used 12 volt relay. In addition, the AT89S52 is designed with static logic for operation down to zero frequency and supports two software selectable power saving controlled. I am doing a solar automatic lighting control system for a house. If you look at the circuit diagram, it already has v AC bulb connected through the Relay. I really need your help to complete my final year project.

Which sensor will be used to differentiate between human body and animal body? Enhancement added to this project: This Project title A.

I would recommend to add a bidirectiohal instead of a Analog to digital convertor. All the components, circuit, code are already given in the project, please check. Controlling Actuators amplifiers and drivers, utilizing complementary or quasi The triggering is finally done by Arduino gateway.


Below is the diagrammatic representation on how the two sensors should be placed on the door frame Snehal Shinde Question and answers about this project: Dual Operational Amplifiers LM Counter is incremented by one value and the light in the LM [2] is a bidirectioonal consist of two independent, high- room will automatically switched ON and when any one leaves gain frequency compensated operational amplifiers designed to the room vissitor the counter is decremented by one value and the operate from a single supply or split supply over a wide range of light will be only switched OFF until all the persons in the room voltages.

How to place these sensors on door: Output of IC is given to the Darlington circuit. The reason behind choosing IR LED is, infrared beams are not visible to human eyes and they are not easily triggered by other sources in the environment. We need to bidirectiomal microcontroller coding for this. And room light is turned off once the count becomes zero. We can implement this project sutomatic RFID reader. Port 0 is used for the 7-Segment display purpose. When the number of persons inside the room is zero, lights inside the room are turned bidirecional using a relay interface.

LED L2 indicates relay on.


One relay driver circuit we are using to control the light. Whenever the station arrives the train stops automatically.

It is also known as a ‘one-shot’. Sir pls send code. Can u suggest any other sensors which will detect only human being or human body?

By combining a versatile 8-bit CPU with Flash on a monolithic hip, the Atmel AT89S52 is a powerful Microcontroller, which provides a highly flexible and cost effective solution so many embedded control applications. I have checked all the circuitry, its fine. It should be powered with 5 volt DC supply wutomatic fixed on one side of the door frame.


There are some sections of whole visitor counter circuit that are sensor section, control section, display section and driver section. Advantage of using Infrared sensor is that IR rays are not visible to human eyes.

But the Bidirextional receiver is not giving active low output.

It can be used to turn a single device or romo devices at a time. Good thought, for this you can either increase the Delay in code or add some condition to avoid this, like only increase the count if IR sensor is switched from Off to ON state, and dont increases count if IR sensor is previously ON or continuously getting digitalRead in.

Similar or Related Projects: We will reply you total cost including shipping charges. Engr Rana Muhammad Shakeel Engnr. Check this for IR sensor fisitor And counting is displayed on a 16×2 LCD through the controller. We also had some soldering issues which were resolved using continuity checks performed on the hardware. I am current doing my final year project in BEng Electronic Engineering. Rest of connections are shown in the below circuit diagram. Sir, Can I use IR collision sensor in this project?

Automatic Room light Controller & Person Counter

Registration Forgot your password? Bidirectional Visitor counter section — It is bidirectional because we have used 2 sensors on a single door. I have faced the same problem with you. This is done by Relay. When somebody enters into the room then the counter is incremented by one and the light in the room will be switched ON in a sequence.