Swirl chamber is located in the cylinder head of the engine. Diesel injectors Source: What does Hero Honda’s APDV, ASFS and ATFT mean? By swirling both. Now in Hero Honda has decided to put the ATFT tag on the Achiever Bajaj has done it with their DTS-i and DTS-Si engines, TVS has its. The Hero Hunk is a cc motorcycle launched by Hero Honda in October It is offered in The Hunk has the cc engine used in Honda Unicorn and Hero Honda CBZ X-treme, with Advanced Tumble-Flow induction Technology ( ATFT) which the company claims will reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

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What is a Street Fighter Motorcycle?

It has been suggested that this article be merged with Hero Hunk. Motorcycle riding gear and accessories Bike Road Trips: The word indicates there will dual sparking technology it means, as usua every bike has a single spark plug which is used to combust the fuel for power stroke whereas there will be twin which means two spark plugs are used to combust the fuel.

Education, technology and innovation have its engien performance towards the improvement in above tag.

It is known that the swirl flow has a large effect on homogenizing the air and fuel mixture, but it has the little effect on accelerating combustion by the generation of the turbulence. I would engihe to see how they achieve it – whether by directing the manifold? Automotive is the only field that completely gets into the eco friendly technologies.

Hunk Bike, Specs, Images, Price, Features, Hunk Mileage – Hero MotoCorp Bangladesh

They make this adventure alive in its upcoming bike Hunk. Why do manufacturer put such abbreviations on their products? Low engine rpm makes the combustion process incomplete and thereby increasing the pollution from the engine. Motorcycle Helmets in India Buying Guide: There is obvious question in mind arise that if this tech doing their job up to the satisfactory level, then why there is a need of ATFT.


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The vibrations are well controlled. Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology is the process by virtue of which fuel air mixture can be burnt completely inside the combustion chamber.

Well, just the other day when I was making up my mind on which car to buy one of my friend told me that if I am looking at buying the Hyundai i10, then I should get the one with the “Kappa” engine and in case I want to got for a Maruti, then I should go for the ones with “K- Series” engines.

ATFT: How Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology Works, Explained

Bike Reviews by the Author 1. Newer Post Older Post Home. CB Unicorn Dazzler Are motorcycle bloggers just glorified “Laptop Bikers”?

Views Read Edit View history. This is the technology where the Tumble motion which means the ignition takes place from end to end with a high velocity in the engine. Enter your email address: The term “Quantum Core” was the subject of many jokes in internet biking forums for it did not make any sense. Inspiring story behind the Birth of Pulsar 8.

Hero MotoCorp – Advanced Tumble Flow Technology (ATFT)

It helps the engine to have a good fuel consumption and efficiency. Hunk features its own unique racing bull insignia on either side edges of the fuel tank. Automotive field contributes all his best efforts toward this, with the help of new development and technologies that is invented by considering the current status of environment.


Here we go guys, this topic will definitely make you feel good.

Hero Honda Hunk – Wikipedia

Marketing guys of these companies should make sure that the common man should be able to relate these letters with its products. Makes sense since the Super Splendor and the Glamour both have exactly the same cc engine built on different body panels. Although I have not found any accompanying literature with it, the term probably means that the ignition of the spark plugs in these motorcycles is controlled digitally. This increases the combustion efficiency. As the DTS-SI also has dual spark plugs and combustion takes place with the help of dual spark plugs.

This drawback raises the need of the improvement in induction. Post a Comment Your Comments are valuable as they keep the conversation alive.

Petrol Prices could reach Rs. Chetan 17 March at Latest Models in the Market Bajaj: Hero Honda Hunk is expected to attain kmph at rpm. It simply means that the fuel, when being pushed into the motor is sent in the form of a vortex thus drawing in more air and thus, resulting in better and more efficient combustion of fuel I think I’d come across this while reading one of the magazines