Asura- Tale of The Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan. I finished reading Asura yesterday and what a coincidence, it was Dussehra! I will start its review by. Asura: Tale of vanquished, brings out a fresh perspective to Ramayana. Why did Anand Neelakantan choose to tell the story of Asura from two perspectives. Book Review # Asura – The Tale of the Vanquished By Anand Neelakantan. Posted by Pradeep T. As I started reading this book, I was in a.

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In this anabd version there are no gods, demons with magical powers. Thus, its one-at-a-time means of travel is no match to the mass-appeal mediums of propagation of a film or a painting.

This novel by Anand makes more sense to me than Ramayana. Ravana is not an exalted personage with ten heads but an ambitious, hot-blooded warrior who wants to rule.

I should’ve realized this long ago. Since I had just finished reading a book of somewhat similar genre, few names and places reminded me of the previously read book.

Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan

Rachna March 31, at 2: The nine emotions anger; pride; jealousy; happiness; banquished fear; selfishness; passion; ambition were pictured through the eyes of a King. Ravan calls Hanuman the terrorist, who killed the asura babies and women showing no sympathy. You would read it anyways.


Do not miss it J. Reason behind abducting Sita – I would leave it to the readers to find out. This may be about Ravana’s perspective, but it doesn’t demand the twisting of Ramayana facts.

Asura: Tale of the Vanquished | Anand Neelakantan | Book Review

The most tragic character of the story is Bhadra: Bhadra a close aide of Ravana, or, that’s what he thinks. While Ravana had the courage to accept Mandodari as his wife and queen even after she was gangraped by the Vanara soilders, Rama repeatedly asks Sita to prove her chastity and banishes a chaste and pregnant Sita from his side.

Even the linguistic divide shows the potential for being bridged as a common ancestor for proto-Tamil and Sanskrit is investigated. At various bg, the author goes off on an endless lecture about casteism that is prevalent In that era. True, we only here the tale that the heroes tell. Quite a book, enjoyed reading every line.

One cannot just say that Ayodhya was perfect and Lanka was a land of the demons. How can we refuse to believe that there were many things ot by Rama that were unethical, that were erroneous?

Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished

Such a capable author could have more moral responsibility of researching more before taking his story to the world. Before proceeding any further with review xnand me tell the reader that Ramayana has always been an inspiration for me and I indeed worship and look up to Lord Shri Ram and his ayana ayana means moving, we can say walking in one sense, so Ramasya ayana is Ramayana.


Please do not post abusive or racist comments. But author did his job stupendously. Many myths neelakwntan be twisted as we like,but Ramayana is not a myth.

But the writing was simply terrible. Berbeda dengan kisah-kisah Ramayana yang dipenuhi dengan dewa-dewi yang turut campur tangan langsung dalam jalannya cerita, dewa-dewi dalam Rahwana cenderung lebih pasif.

I expected to end this book either hating txle loving Ravana as represented on the pages. In fact he would make it possible for Ravana to be a king, do all the dirty work for him.

Asura: Tale of the Vanquished – Wikipedia

When Ravan gets betrayed by his own brother, minister and navy admiral. Preferences and Rating Guidelines! Ravana was purest Brahmin not asura as caste. It was that good.

But it was very disappointing to see such a capable person twisting the original Ramayana and have compromised too much on the facts.