ASTM F963-08 PDF

This specification2 relates to possible hazards that may not be recognized readily by the public and that may be encountered in the normal use for which a. ASTM F available in Chinese here: COMPS/htm. – Both F‐07e1 and F‐08 can be included as a. Both F ASTM F (PF) – Designation: F – 08 An American National Standard Standard Consumer Saf.

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If not separated by that distance, the labeling statements must be surrounded by a border line. Do not attach to crib or playpen. Operate the vehicle in the mode that results in the maximum continuous current draw.

The clamp is fastened to the test object or component with the toy fastened rigidly in any reasonable test position. asm

A rattle shall meet this requirement when tested under the force only of its own weight and in a noncompressed state. The toy shall be pushed slowly over the edge of the top step in the appropriate attitude and released as soon as it begins to fall of its own f936-08.

A force of 15 lbf 67 N shall be applied evenly within 5 s and maintained for an additional 10 s. Stability and Over-Load Requirements New flammability testing procedures for fabrics have been added.

Stability and Over-Load Requirements. The wheel and axle assembly shall be positioned with the axle vertical satm a hole in a rigid plate, as shown in Fig.


ASTM F – 17 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety

Remove mobile from crib or playpen when xstm begins to push up on hands and knees. EN Safety of toys. Radiated emission Conducted emission Electrostatic discharge immunity Radiated,Radio-frequency,Electromagnetic field immunity Electrical fast transient Surge immunity Radio disturbance and immunity Power frequency magnetic field immunity Voltage dips,Short interruptions and voltage variations immunity Harmonic current emissions Voltage fluctuations Conducted spurious emission Radiated spurious emission.

If the circuit protection device automatically resets, continue the stalled motor test until the battery is exhausted. Toy Chests Sporting goods, camping goods, athletic equipment, musical instruments, and furniture; however, toys that are their counterparts are covered.

ASTM F963-11 Toy Safety Testing

Possible entanglement or strangulation. If thermal equilibrium is not reached, replace the battery with a fully charged battery and continue the test. The test shall be considered complete for an attitude even if the toy does not reach the bottom of the? The impact medium shall f9630-8 of a 1? Holes, Clearance, and Accessibility of Mechanisms The toy shall conform to this requirement after being tested in accordance with 8.

The clamps used to grip the material to be tested shall have jaws to which 3? Text describing the hazard s and hazard avoidance behavior s shall appear in sans serif lettering and shall be either left aligned or center justi?

Do not leave child unattended while device is in use. The toy shall be deemed dry when the? Any toy made of impermeable material and having a door or lid, which encloses a continuous volume greater than 1.


The second or lower position is more appropriate. For keys covered by this requirement, there shall be no opening in the?

This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. The requirements listed in 4. The materials shall be assessed visually by asfm unaided eye rather than under magni? Use the wrist and keep the forearm essentially horizontal. With the exception of products such as paper punch-out games and similar items, any toy or game that is intended for use by children who f9630-8 at least three years old 36 months but less than six years of age 72 months and includes a small part is subject to the labeling requirements in accordance with 5.

If a user replaceable fuse is provided, remove and insert the fuse 25 times before the Maximum Temperature test is performed.

These limits reflect the nature of the hazards and expected mental or physical ability, or both, of a child to cope with the hazards. Labeling statements for marbles are contained in 5.