Buy ASME NQA Quality Assurance Requirements For Nuclear Facility Applications from SAI Global. ASME NQA-1– (Revision of ASME NQA-1–). Quality. Assurance. Requirements for. Nuclear Facility. Applications. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) NQA (95 addenda) and editions. The requirements of these documents shall be complied with .

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Lead Auditors who fail to maintain their proficiency for a period of 2 years or more shall require requalification.

NQA-1 Compliance for Nuclear Power Generation

Requirement 17 Quality Assurance Records. The extent of application amse to be determined by the organization imposing the Standard. The requirements for any given item shall incorporate restrictions on particulate contaminants, water-soluble contaminants, and water content as appropriate for the item. Such documents shall include or be supplemented with appropriate criteria from para.

The NQA Committee is aware of, and actively endorses, the growing worldwide movement toward rational, cost-effective quality assurance practices — practices that focus on results.

PD635 ASME NQA-1-2008/1A-2009 Quality Assurance

How can I learn more? Repaired items shall be reexamined in accordance with applicable procedures and with the original acceptance criteria unless the disposition has established alternate acceptance criteria. A document is not considered to be a quality assurance record until it satisfies the definition of a quality assurance record as defined in this Standard.

Part III is intended to provide explanatory information and guidance for use by organizations in developing and implementing their programs. Measuring and test equipment shall be used and calibrated adme environments that 208 controlled to the extent necessary to ensure that the required accuracy and precision are maintained.

When visual inspection is impossible but surfaces are accessible for wipe tests, sufficient nqaa-1 tests in different areas of the item shall be made to evaluate the general cleanness level of the surface. These measures shall include evaluation of effects of those changes on the overall design and on any analysis upon which the design is based.

NQA-1 Nuclear Program FAQ | NSL Analytical

Software design verification shall be performed by a competent individual s or group s other than those who developed and documented the original design, but who may be from the same organization.

Inspection of Steel Construction. Receiving inspection shall verify by objective evidence such features as a configuration b identification c dimensional, physical, and other characteristics d freedom from shipping damage e cleanliness Receiving inspection shall be coordinated with review of Supplier documentation when procurement documents require such documentation to be furnished prior to receiving inspection. March 14, The edition of this Standard is being issued with an automatic addenda subscription service.


Measuring and test equipment and reference standards submitted for calibration shall be checked and the results recorded before any required adjustments or repairs are made. GeneContinuing Evolution of U. The original design and associated verification documentation shall be referenced in records of subsequent application of the design. The process used to control the current revision and issuance of these documents shall take into account the use of the document and the need for revision in support of operation.

The plan s shall define the cleaning and inspection operations to be used, the system, the responsibilities of the parties concerned for each operation, and the measures to be employed to preserve the cleanness of cleaned surfaces. Kirschenmann, Vice Chair K. The design organization approving the change shall have demonstrated competence in the specific design area of interest and have an adequate understanding of the requirements and intent of the original design.

Calibration shall be against and traceable to certified equipment or reference standards having known valid relationships to nationally recognized standards, or to international standards known to be equivalent to and verified against corresponding nationally recognized standards.

Moreau, Vice Chair S. The item shall be flushed at the design velocity or other flow velocity if specified in the procedure until the screen shows no more than slight speckling as specified in the procedure in qualitative or quantitative terms, such as the number of particles per unit area of the screen and no more than slight rust staining.

NQA-1 – Wikipedia

Special handling tools and equipment shall be inspected and tested in accordance with procedures at specified time intervals or prior to use. The documents shall be kept current and revised as necessary to assure that the work is performed in accordance with the latest approved information.

Changes to software shall be formally documented. The organization upon which this Part, or portions thereof, is invoked shall be responsible for complying with the specified requirements of not only Part I but also Part II. The extent of the design verification shall be a function of the importance to safety, the complexity of the design, the degree of standardization, the state of the art, and the similarity with previously proved designs.

A labeling system for configuration items shall be implemented that a uniquely identifies each configuration item b identifies changes to configuration items by revision c provides the ability to uniquely identify each configuration of the revised software available for use Known problems affecting the standard or previously proved designs and their effects on other features shall be considered.

Yanek Subcommittee on Interfaces and Administration W.

Integrity of the examination shall be maintained by adme employer or certifying agency through appropriate confidentiality of files and, where applicable, proctoring of examinations. One definition relates to nuclear power plants licensed pursuant to 10 CFR 50 and the second relates to other facilities, per the applicable 10 CFR Parts.

  1794 OB16 PDF

The evaluation and resulting actions shall be commensurate with the significance of the condition. Approved changes created subsequent to a baseline shall be added to the baseline. Computer program testing shall be performed and shall be in accordance with Requirement Nonconformances to design requirements dispositioned use-as-is or repair shall be subject to design control measures commensurate with those applied to the original design.

Preverified computer programs shall be controlled in accordance with the requirements of this Standard. NSL provides critical material testing data to members of the nuclear power supply chain; from raw material and parts manufacturers, to engineering and construction firms, to plant operators. From its initial publication inthe Standard has retained the criteria structure of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B in a portion of the document.

This page was last edited on 12 Januaryat The application of this Part, or portions thereof, shall be invoked by written contracts, policies, procedures, specifications, or other appropriate documents. Design verification shall be performed by any competent individual s or group s other than those who performed the original design but who may be from the same organization.

This code or standard was developed under procedures accredited as meeting the criteria for American National Standards. Part I contains quality assurance program requirements for the siting, design, construction, operation, and decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

On-the-job training shall be used if direct hands-on applications or experience is needed to achieve and maintain proficiency. Instructions, Procedures, and Drawings. Moreover, ASME does not act as a consultant for specific engineering problems or for the general application or understanding of the Standard requirements.

ASME issues written replies to inquiries concerning interpretations of technical aspects of this Standard. Measuring or test equipment consistently found to be out-ofcalibration shall be repaired nqa–1 replaced. These requirements shall be specified, as appropriate by reference to specific drawings, specifications, codes, standards, regulations, procedures, or instructions, including revisions thereto that describe the items or services to be furnished.

The appropriateness of assumptions; input data used; and the computer program, its associated computer hardware and system software, or other calculation method used shall also be reviewed. In the case of a significant condition adverse to quality, the cause of the condition shall xsme determined and corrective action taken to preclude recurrence.