Asguaard. type and absolutely need to get those Steam achievements, pay the extra few bones and get the official walkthrough (or find another online). Aldorlea Games releases Ella’s Hope. Aldorlea Games ( .. This game is the latest release from the company who have brought you. This full game walkthrough for Asguaard is currently in progress. If you would like to help us write this walkthrough, please post in here.

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You already know about the first plague, but plagues are:. I’ll update that then.

Users browsing this forum: Enter the Frozen Woods. Daemon — Hidden Location — Expert: Upcoming games for What are you looking forward to? Rayanne bullies the edelweyss into confessing, and records the confession.

Ask a question here Help a gamer Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions. Keep going until you reach the Inventor Cave. Then go to Savioropolis and tell the Elder about the stone. The Shifters cheats, tips. Pokemon News and updates Keep informed and updated Pokemon Giveaway Our pokemon experts can help you.

The Official Aldorlea Games Forum

Advertise with Gamezebo Learn More. You now need to find a way back to Hyperbole so you can talk to the Elder.

Walk along the Hyperbole city wall to the gates. You can now fly across the world map and go to previously inaccessible locations! Go to this menu when your characters have been injured or are ill to find healing and curing items.


Meditation — Increase the power of your spells — Expert: Surprisingly for him but perhaps not so much for us he soon finds walkthrougu that he is chosen to save this world from pending doom. In there, talk to the Elder, who will tell you that the final stone is in the Temple of Savior near the walkthroufh.

Go one screen south to the room that was blocked off before. Eye of the Tiger walkthrouvh Increases chances of attacking immediately — Expert: On the way to Fang in the east you will pass the Crystal Graveyard. She suggests going to find the guilty edelweyss in Edelweyss village.

Also buy some armor and heal up. You might want to come back for him later. Braun — Barton Woods — Master: Botany — Make potions from flowers — Expert: Ferry — Barton Woods — Master: There are a few rooms in the Temple that you need to access from different locations to get to all the parts of it — like we had in Edelweyss Cave.

There are just some goodies there and you can sleep there for free. Then clear the area just southwest of the switch, which was previously blocked by spikes. None available – add yours. Walk back down the path. The only way walkthrouhg stop its power is by finding the three stones of Passion, Origin and Soul and placing walkthrouyh around the box. By the way,this is my first playthrough,so I may have missed aeguaard few things.


The top right exit does too.

The Official Aldorlea Games Forum • View topic – Walkthrough for Asguaard

Asguaard is role-playing game created by Aldorlea Games for PC. They ask your name — you can select any name you like, but in this walkthrough I will use the default name of Glen.

Korul — Hyperbole — Master: Thanks from all of us!! Google [Bot] and 0 guests. There are no discussions open in this forum yet. Winter will cover the land 3: I also took the teleportation crystals back to Roya to get some skills I missed, and to Savioropolis to find some more hidden locations on the Crescent Island world map with my shiny new zeppelin.

Asguaxrd — Marajulen Swamp — Master: Rayanne promises they will take care of her, and Luby joins your walkthroygh.

Asguaard Walkthrough

This part of the world map has two Hidden Locations. Then go east until you reach another bridge, and go north to Hyperbole Cave. You have to go back to Savioropolis and talk to the Elder again.

On map 12, in walkthrougu northwest, you can take the stairs down to the northwest corner of map 3. Leave the shack and go south.