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AS/NZS (IEC , Ed. , MOD). Australian/New Zealand Standard. Explosive atmospheres. Part Design. You may be required to comply with this standard if you intend to undertake electrical work in areas where flammable gas or vapour risks may arise. Where. Looking for advice on AS-NZS & other AS-NZS certification standards? Contact E-x Solutions on (08) to speak to one of our experts today.

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Electrical installations design, selection and erection I ECEd. Where there is a need to use transportable or portable equipment in a hazardous area for which the normally required EPL is not obtainable, a documented program nss risk management shall be implemented.

NOTE Where single screw saddle clamps are used with a single conductor, the latter should be shaped around the screw in the form of a ‘U’ unless clamping of single conductors without ‘U’ is permitted in the documentation supplied with the equipment.

Where the equipment is fitted with more than one plug and socket for external connections and interchange could adversely affect the type of protection, such plugs and sockets shall either be arranged so that interchange is not possible, e. The cable inductance and capacitance should then be calculated by subtracting the effective total inductance and capacitance from these reduced values.

Australian Hazardous Area Standards – AS-NZS | E-x Solutions

Magna Carta— Tutohinga Nui Kore rawa e hoko ki te tangata, e kore e whakakdihoretia, e tautuku ranei te tangata ki te ture, tika ranei. NOTE 1 The use of alunninium conductors in Ex ‘d’ flameproof enclosures should be avoided in those cases where a fault leading to potentially severe arcing involving the conductors may occur in the vicinity of a plain flanged joint.

This must be taken into account in the design of the intrinsically safe system. NOTE It is only necessary to re-purge the enclosure after pressurization nss been re-established if flammable gas was detected in the area while the manual override was in operation. In the absence of relevant lEC standards, national codes should be referenced.


Upon loss of pressure, the requirements of Table: Where practicable, measurements of all the possible combinations of the cores nza can result from open-circuiting and short-circuiting the separate ends of the cables should be made. Methods accepted by legislation-m- e ass country 600779 vary the form in which the documentation will be legally accepted. Appropriate continuing education or training shall be undertaken by personnel on a regular basis. Associated apparatus should preferably be located outside the hazardous area or, if installed inside a hazardous area, shall be provided with another appropriate type of protection ass accordance with C l aus e 5 which is suitable for the ignition sources which the associated apparatus may present.

The effectiveness of the temperature control or proper run up shall be verified and documented. That this is the highest value of capacitance should be confirmed by measuring the other combination of cores and screen. El e ctrical installations AS: It is recommended, therefore, that all equipment meet the requirements of the location to which the equipment will be exposed which requires the highest EPL.

AS-NZS 60079-14: Explosive atmospheres – Electrical installations design, selection and erection

The permissible values shall be taken from the associated apparatus documentation or the marking plate. Additionally, gas detectors may be used to check whether the gas in the pressurized enclosure is flammable. FpgjSroup III; to minimize the ingress of dust in the event of a dust cap being accidentally left off, socket outlets shall be positioned at an angle, which is not more than 60 degree to the vertical, and the opening facing downwards.

The cable entry device for isolating the armour from earth shall be installed in the non-hazardous area or locations requiring EPL ‘Gc’. NOTE 1 It is considered that soft starting is used for a short time period NOTE 2 When using a soft start device with high-frequency pulses in the output, care should be taken to ensure that any overvoltage spikes and higher temperatures which may be produced in the terminal box are taken into consideration.

Labelling shall be provided immediately adjacent to each means of isolation to permit rapid identification of the circuit or group of circuits thereby controlled. The overload protective device shall be: Code of Practice A code of practice is a set of rules which details how people in a certain industry should behave.


However th e r e quir e m e nts for non – haz 60097 rdous areas ar zns i nsuffic ie nt for inst alla t i ons i n h a z a rdous ar e as. Nza this case, means or equipment for direct temperature control by embedded temperature sensors specified in the motor documentation, other effective measures for limiting the surface temperature of the motor housing shall be provided or the speed control device ensures that the motor run up is such that the surface temperature is not exceeded.

For e xamp le: If an earthed intrinsically safe circuit ass run in a screened cable, the screen for that circuit shall be earthed at the same point as the intrinsically safe circuit which it is screening.

NOTE 2 Gas or vapour leakage and propagation of flames may occur through the interstices between the strands of standard stranded conductors, or between individual cores of a cable. Ex ‘nA’, Ex ‘d’, Ex ‘e’.

The use of gaskets is only permissible when specified in manufacturer’s documentation. In the event that armour is required not to be bonded to the equipotential bonding system at any interposing point, care shall be taken to ensure that the electrical continuity of the armour from end to end of the complete cable run is maintained.

The maximum capacitance of the cable should be determined by open-circuiting the remote end of the cable and measuring the capacitance of the combinations of the wires and screens which give the maximum value.

As a consequence of this principle, the aim of the installation rules for intrinsically safe circuits is to maintain separation from other circuits. The safety factor used shall be unity.