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AS/NZS Amendment. Amendment 1 – incorporated. Published 18/ 08/ Valid from. 04/03/ Information provider. Standards New Zealand. AS/NZS Parking facilities – Off-street car parking. Type: Document; Date: ; Web address: to in Australian Standard AS/NZS Parking Facilities – Part 6: . ( Source: Figure Angle parking module layouts – AS/NZS ).

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Physical controls shall not obstruct accessible travel paths for people with disabilities. Local area traffic management AS Control to limit the usage of such spaces to ambulances may be required.

Assistive Technology Australia

If a boundary ws the intersection area is an obstruction such as a wall, barrier or kerb higher than mm a further clearance of mm shall be provided where the swept path template approaches the obstruction. Category 3 and 4 facilities may also be considered for provision as intersections. Mr Steven Waters Date: Parking space width is based on the B85 vehicle. If used they shall meet the requirements given below. The Product is available Click via the Wide the the useLicence of a web browser.

Grade change transitions will be required in both cases where grades are at or near the maximum, see Item e. A typical example is the use zns speed limit signs, especially where the posted speed is considerably lower than that adopted by most drivers.

These standards are developed through an open process of consultation and consensus, in which all interested parties are invited to participate. Transitions may be required see Clause 2. Intersection areas designed for use by one vehicle at a time shall be designed for use by the B99 vehicle.

The turn radii need not be the same. It is recognized that limiting domestic driveway grades to 25 percent maximum may not be practicable in some particularly hilly residential locations. Between editions, amendments may be issued. Some very large vehicles may need to make a 5-point turn.


The station wagon has a longer wheelbase and overall length than the sedan. The number of cars calculated from Table 3. Barriers shall comply with the following requirements: The clearance of 1. They are required wherever the drop from nas edge of the deck to a lower level exceeds mm. Findthe similar documents 3.

Furthermore, it shall not apply to any access driveway serving a property which would otherwise be denied access due to the physical impossibility of meeting the requirement. Whereas such increases in dimension would normally result in an increase in swept nzzs during turns, this has been avoided by the rounding of the front and rear of the vehicle. A separator or median shall be provided on two-way curved roadways or ramps where the radius to the outer kerb dimension Ro on Figure 2. A base dimension for ground clearance based 2890.

measurements of actual vehicles has been adopted as mm fully loaded vehicle. Wherever practicable sight distance provided at domestic property accesses should meet the values given in the second or third columns of the Table. Columns should not be located at the edge of a parking aisle.

Particular requirements for drives for gates, doors and windows You may be interested in this related standard Parking facilities – Off-street parking for people with disabilities You may be interested in this related standard. These templates are intended for use only at residential or domestic car parks to cater for unusually shaped manoeuvre areas in front of parking spaces.


AS/NZS /Amdt – Parking facilities – Off-street car parking (FOREIGN STANDARD)

This type of facility is required when demand for parking far outweighs the supply of on-road facilities and alternative parking areas are required. A modified ground clearance template to suit the particular vehicle characteristics will be required. Parking angles used in bzs car parks shall be as follows: If the larger AS Please address your comments to the Chief Executive of either Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand at the address shown on the back cover.

Whereas there is a model within the 289.1 78 Series Land Cruiser range that is used as a passenger vehicle, most of the Ford Transit vans are used for commercial purposes.

Qs Glossary of terms—Road and traffic engineering Interior lighting The difficulty of manoeuvring into a parking space is increased by such a location. The modelling of vehicle manoeuvring into Class 1A spaces shows however, that many drivers may have difficulty driving into and out of such spaces, especially those with vehicles larger than the B85 vehicle. Class W—45 to 54; Class X—35 to Hzs Aust PW NZ e These signs shall be used 2890.11 public car parks at the beginning of steep ramps, up or down, where drivers may find the ramps to be unexpectedly steep.

Moreover, its use does not remove the need to comply with regulatory requirements of local government. General introduction and index of signs Part 2: Speed limit signs will not generally be effective in controlling excessive speeds.