El objetivo de este artículo es hacer una revisión sobre los tratamientos pulpares, sobre sus avances y las diferentes alternativas que se presentan en la. Se concluye que la pasta CTZ evidenció cambios clínicos favorables en en todos los artículos analizados. La pasta CTZ radiográficamente. El Cepillado · Sellador/Obturación · Traumatismo · Pulpo/Pulpectomía · Hábitos ( Reja Artículos. Effects of 3 adhesion promoters on the shear bond strength of.

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J of the Japanese Association for Dental Science ; 9: Predictive value of histologic tumor necrosis after radiation. Bullous lesions, sweat gland necrosis and rhabdomyolysis in alcoholic coma. Management options in avascular necrosis of talus. The avascular segment of the talar body was located predominantly in the anterior lateral and superior portion in six of the seven patients.

Tratamiento Endodóntico no Instrumentado en dientes deciduos

Plan de tratamiento Full Text Available We report a case of vasospasm complicating delayed pituitary necrosis after craniopharyngioma resection in an year old female. Although his general condition improved after intravenous acyclovir administration, the patient presented with visual loss in both eyes 4 days after admission.

A resposta dos demais foi positiva ao teste. The diagnosis was confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging and scintigraphy. MTA was applied over pulpectomua exposed pulp in 13 teeth and paste of calcium hydroxide plus distilled water control was applied in the remaining 13 teeth. The patient was treated with immobilization of the wrist joint for a period of six weeks.


J Int Endod ; Theories that explain its occurrence include the use of small particles at embolization, the use of Contour-SE a spherical poly-vinyl alcohol, and lack of collateral supply to the uterus. Increased dentinal thickness and water cooling had protective roles in reducing pulpar heating.

After 60 days a small block section containing the teeth, surrounding periapical tissues and the periodontium was removed for histological and microbiological study.

A step up approach has been proposed, beginning with less invasive procedures and reserving the operative intervention for patients in which the previous procedure did not solve the problem definitively.

Rev Assoc Paul Cir Dent ; 52 5: The first case of acute necrotizing esophagitis followed by duodenal necrosisin 81 years old woman with a positive history of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, and usual intake of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs, is reported. We report a case of cutaneous necrosis as a rare complication of IA HA injection for treatment of knee osteoarthritis.

Fiberoptic examination revealed almost complete obstruction of the laryngeal lumen by necrotic tissues due to radiation necrosis. The principal indications of MTA are vital pulp therapy pulpotomy, direct pulp capping, apexification apical plug, endodontic surgery, and lateral, furcal and resorption perforations repair.

A case with multi-modality imaging is presented. Osteonecrosis indicates that ischemic death of the cellular constituents of bone and marrow has occurred. Pulp capping is an important measure and one with a high rate of use in daily dental practice, and when it is conscientiously performed, based on good diagnosis of the pulp condition at the time of its exposure, it may prevent the tooth from requiring endodontic intervention.


The recently described variation in subocclusal secondary dentine depth overlying individual pulp horns may affect heat transmission to the underlying pulps.

con necrosis pulpar: Topics by

Puentes con vigas pretensadas. MR images were classified into three patterns: Full Text Available Paraneoplastic vascular pathologies are rare in daily practice. We investigated the correlation between histological extent of tumor necrosissurvival of tumor transplants, and radiation doses in an experimental model using artiulos human tumor xenografts. This provisional structure, in turn, served as platform for two bridge cranes, which lifted the girders to their final location.

It is commonly found in the core region of solid tumors due to hypoxia and glucose depletion GD resulting from insufficient vascularization. Pulpedtomia utilizan varias clasificaciones del dolor, atendiendo a diversos criterios: Vascular changes were most prominent in the smaller vessels, eg. Steroid induced pulpfctomia necrosis was common in the posterior part of external condyle and was frequently associated with multiple necroses of the diaphysis.