3 Arthakranti team has informed that a booklet on ArthaKranti proposal, then The main elements of the Arthakranti proposal as spelt out in the Arthakranti. ArthaKranti Proposal attempts to address the motive behind the corruption and tools for the same (high denomination notes). Implementing the. Nearly a decade ago, Pune-based organization Arthakranti, which has roots in Arthakranti’s proposal includes doing away with taxes and.

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Will Modi listen to Arthakranti and abolish taxes as well?

Home Arthakranti Proposal Endorsements. Rapi Content Marquee Flash News. The last qrthakranti when a query came to us was a month ago. What is the effect of corruption in our country? Circumstances need be designed in the economy such that efficiency of welfare is not lost by taxing policies.

Ask New Question Sign In. Is it possible to overcome resistance from the current political establishment which is itself steeped in corruption?

Arthakranti would bring dream era for industries. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Never miss a great news story!

The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price. Because of high illiteracy, is it possible that general public will transact through banks?

ArthaKranti – Endorsements

I believe, government has the potential to generate revenue from other sources which are unexplored yet”. According to the artuakranti, the legitimate economy stands at 18 lakh crore. India’s Economic Rejuvenation” by Anil Bokil. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Find this comment offensive? But the black money is a whopping 84 lakh crore. Arthakranti is run by a group of 17 trustees, including Atul Deshmukh, a chartered accountant residing in Nagpur. The effort by Arthakranti team is definitely appreciable.


Is the Arthakranti proposal rejected or is it on its way of implementation? Later in the ’40s taxes are a Keynesian control tool for the economy and this gives the right scale for the tax policies of any artgakranti. The complex taxation system, which is being tweaked for last 65 years but could not even work for 2 years, must be altogether changed. Every person in Industry will support to make this happen! From the news report from Times of India, arthakarnti are 4 endorsements below.

What is the ill effect of corruption? ArthaKranti Proposal attempts to artharanti the motive behind the corruption and tools for the same high denomination notes.

How effective international NGO can be when it comes to tackling corruption of different countries? This is something that was tried out in USA in the ’20s and ’30s, and since they didn’t continue with it, it means it was not successful.

Meet the man – Will Modi listen to Arthakranti and abolish taxes as well? | The Economic Times

Still have a question? It had the support of the BJP which eventually came to power. Can it be tackled effectively? What will be the effect on the phenomenon of corruption? Is there a proosal for corruption? Nearly a decade ago, Pune-based organization Arthakranti, which has roots in Pune and Nagpur, was briefing PM Narendra Modi, then the chief minister of Gujarat, on a new arthakrantj model.

This proposal should definitely be helpful to solve tax related problems for businesses and industries. How powerful is the effect of corruption, and what polices can improve political performance? Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now You can switch off notifications proosal using browser settings. Through such means, all dishonest and anti – social elements can be effectively tracked and charged under strict laws of the land.


This will alert our moderators to take action. Strong governance and the traceability of transactions coupled with these factors will ensure very unfavourable conditions for corruptions at the macro level.

If tax policies are lopsided then externalities can step into create Market failure, which probably we live with now, in the form of inefficient markets due to heavy indirect taxing.

He toured the country extensively giving details of the Arthakranti model during the elections. Init got registered as a trust. Implementing the ArthaKranti Proposal will deal lethal blows to the parallel economy by bringing it back into the fold of the Banking System and removing its favoured currency of high denomination. Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. May be we can achieve this in the long run if culturally the values of welfare can be incorporated in each citizen by nudges, coercing and facilitation of the environmental conditions necessary for it to get diffused in the citizen responses to daily demands of their time.

What has Kejriwal done to reduce corruption and how effectively is it reduced? Expert Global votes for this theory and calls for all Indians to demand implementation of this theory. However, a number of steps can be recommended to introduce an element of deterrence and ensure accountability: Ofcourse the ethical route that Americans take is worth noticing.