ARTEP MTP MISSION TRAINING PLAN FOR THE INFANTRY RIFLE COMPANY. ARMY TRAINING AND EVALUATION PROGRAM. [ loose leaf edition ]. Mission Training Plan for the Infantry Rifle Company ARTEP MTP [Dept Of The Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. documents, which are FM (), and ARTEP ()-MTP. d. Use performance-oriented training. Soldiers sharpen their skills by performing.

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The company team destroys, blocks, delays for the specified time, and canalizes the enemy into the designated area. The company suppresses arep enemy so that it is unable to maneuvre and the supported element is able to conduct their assigned mission.

FM Combat Service Support. FM Civil Affairs Operations. Military Review magazine, December FM Mountain Operations. FM Tank Platoon. FM Corps Operations. Armor magazine, November-December FM Jungle Operations.


FM Terrorism Counteraction. FM Psychological Operations.

FM Counterguerrilla Operations. Operational Terms and Symbols. FM Airborne Operations. Control of Hazards to Health from Laser Radiation. FM Personnel Doctrine.

Military Manuals Page 7

Materials for this manual were taken from a draft revision of FMpublished in February FM Bradley Gunnery. Enter Your Email Address. FM Division Support Command: FM Sniper Training. FM Domestic Support Operations. FM Cavalry Troop.

ARTEP 7-10 Mission Training Plan for the Infantry Rifle Company

The company team sustain no more than 30 percent friendly casualties and inflicts no less than 50 percent casualties on the enemy. Draft publication, Arhep FM The Infantry Brigade.

It should be understood by every soldier. National Search and Rescue System. FM Cavalry Operations. Department of the Army Forms. This is a statement that prescribes overall standards that must be met for the successful execution of the task. Information on the following publication is available from the US Armor School Library at the following address:.



Address queries concerning availability to the following address: The company team sustains no friendly casualties due to friendly fire. FM Explosives and Demolitions.

Company Artsp Command Post: VolumeJune