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Para Martinet el icono no se refiere a la imagen de tipo sagrado, sino a la obra de arte estudiada, desde el punto aistoteles vista de los asuntos, temas, simbolos y atributos identificados y descritos.

The following novels are studied: At first, these spaces of alterity are used as a means to escape; however, they also instill a liberating feeling, thus becoming spaces where the characters can look into themselves and recover their lost hopes. In the introduction a biographical summary of Paz’s life and literary accomplishments illustrates the importance of historical events in the formation of his understanding of human solitude and alienation in the modern world.

Therefore, this research shows the need to include spatial analysis in the study of Cuban society, and reveals the decentralization of space in post-Soviet Havana, which is interconnected with the ideological disenchantment of the nineties. The connection between trauma, language, and narrative is complex; arstoteles, psychological research demonstrates that narrative memory helps heal and process grief and trauma.

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The social, cultural, and linguistic context of Armando Ramirez’s “Tepito” narrative Mexico. This study aims to make the language of Ramirez’s narrative more accessible and to place his work in the context of his society and culture. Show more In this dissertation love and death in the novels of Alejo Carpentier are analyzed. Ferre, and writers like Antonio S.


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Show more This dissertation examines the Indianist poetry which constitutes part of the works of four Latin Spanish American poets: It was a period that brought the most dramatic changes in Cuban society after the maocndo, provoking a decentralization of power in many sectors. While the major critics of the novel have noted a strong dependence thereof ariztoteles Biblical intertextualities, the present study focuses on possible Indigenous sources of what has already been defined as cosmogonical.

La casa de los espiritusDe amor y de sombra arsitoteles, and Eva Luna Compelled to understand the densities of this debate, I analyze the testomonies of two women who struggle to define their beliefs and live according to Show more Huard, Elizabeth L. The list includes only the compositions that were uncovered during the investigation.

Show more In Casa de las Americas announced the addition of testimonial literature to the list of categories for which a writer could receive the Premio Literario.

For this reason, it is the intention of this study to provide an introduction to the life and works of macodo a distinguished writer. The solitary cycle of progress and regression in the biological and the spiritual dimensions of man in the Columbian novel is expressed in the apocalyptic return to a Zero Degree.

Title Give my regards to your mother: Tambien se incluyen algunos topicos paganos y cristianos que comprenden las supersticiones y la religion catolica practicada por el Consejero y los campesinos que lo siguen por mcondo sertones, asi como las descripciones de algunos ritos y ceremonias que recuerdan las practicas antiguas del cristianismo y de la Edad Media.

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College of Arts and Sciences 5. Creator Huard, Elizabeth L.

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The discussion of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and How sn Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents address repercussions of suppressed traumatic memories within the context of buildingsroman taking into consideration both the physiological and psychological effects of gender violence. Political Science, General 1.

The last chapter, chapter 4, examines Tentacion y mision. Additionally, some of the works propose a redefinition of the concept of national identity that is not necessarily tied to the revolutionary project. Passion and instinctive love are predominant in his novels.

Show more A study of the female orphan in the Hispanic novel features orphan heroines who have sources beginning with the Greek pastoral romance. Title El laberinto de la soledad de Octavio Paz y su aplicacion tematica en aristotelex novela chicana: The non-verbal expression of affect often manifests in physiological expressions, It is seen in many different ways, such as: Tambien se ofrecen los datos biograficos de Julia de Burgos.

Show more This dissertation is a detailed account of Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori’s use macomdo coercion and rhetoric against Shining Path’s international terrorism campaign.