Guest review by Kara Louise of Delightful Diversions The heroine of Georgette Heyer’s novel, “Arabella” is Arabella Tallent, daughter of a. Georgette Heyer was not known for paying much attention in her historical But after three straight Regency novels, in Arabella, she suddenly. Arabella. Georgette Heyer. Buy This Book. Arabella Tallant is the daughter of a vicar, and when she gets the opportunity to spend the season in.

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Her father raised his family to care about those less fortunate, to shun extravagancies, and most of all, to live a principled life. She’s young and naive, heyee she’s not overtly silly and helpless although Heyer overdoes it with all her blushing. Because I just casually have women hiding around in my houses in the hope of pleasing you! The first time would have been aboutthe last about Arabella.

Arabella by Georgette Heyer

Arabella by Georgette Heyer. The other thing that really interested me is that there are clearly some conventions that started with Heyer, like the hero who is very sophisticated and puts the dandies to shame with his elegant black clothing. Beaumaris, was the most swoon-worthy character I’ve read in a long time.

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Your review compels me to reread this book. This bit of xrabella, meant only for the gentlemen, unfortunately follows Arabella to London, georgettte she becomes one of the most sought after ladies in town. I had read many, many romances before I read even one of hers, but I can recognize an original when I see it. In any case, these minor critiques do not detract from the fact that nobody has ever written Regency romance as well as Georgette Heyer does, and Arabella is a delicious case in point.


En route, she is forced to take refuge at a house when her carriage breaks down, and she meets two men, one hheyer them Mr. My thoughts went something like that Who is going to dress you?

Secondly, when he does acknowledge his feelings for her he leaves no stone unturned just to ease her life. Arabella overhears his words and pretends to be an heiress without thinking about the consequences of her statement. She refuses to take advantage of egorgette pretensions.

Pandora’s Box

But after the first few pages it After a less than successful conversation with Arabella, Beaumaris asks the dog whether he should continue his attentions, as if he expects Ulysses to supply the answer. The Weaver Takes a Wife. Fashionable, maybe georgett the thirties, wearing a funky WW hat with a feather and fur coat, almost post-flapper. He is bored with Society and views the town cynically.

You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals. Mr Beaumaris suspects the ‘accident’ to be a ruse on the part of someone chasing him georggette his fortune.

While I could believe that Mr. You have once more reduced yourself to skin and bone, my friend, a process which I shall take leave to inform you I consider as unjust as it is ridiculous. Yes, the Baluchistan Hound!


Arabella – Georgette Heyer – Google Books

More or Less a Marchioness. I love the way the plot goes;its one of my favorite themes! Arabella is appalled and retaliates by fabricating a story that she is The Miss Tallant, heir to a great fortune, and is tired of all the men who seek her out. I didn’t even mind the brother’s troubles that much. This is why I love goodreads: If another can top it, then I’m excited to find it, gforgette I faced the exquisite quandry of wanting to find out what happened at the end, and conversely never wanting it to end.

His new dependents include a climbing boy, a mongrel who enslaves most of his staff including his very temperamental French chef, and arbaella Arabella had had her way, a helpful whore named Leaky Peg. We read it AGES ago!!! Once again, I am amazed at Georgette Heyer’s ability to make me laugh out loud – her books are so much fun – dialogue, characters, plotlines, etc. What better way to show your love for the heroine than to quietly set things right.