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AR International Agreements [United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army. Cooperation Agency 14 AR –51 • 2 May Glossary *This regulation supersedes AR –51, dated 15 April AR –51 • 2 May AR International Agreements (Paperback) – Common [Created by United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on.

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Government is not financially supporting the participation of any other force, except when such support is specifically permitted by applicable U.

Authority to acquire logistic support, supplies, and services for elements of the armed forces deployed outside the United States Cited in para 3.

One copy of all otherinternational intelligence agreements. Army Commands and ASCCs are encouraged to require the central office of record to also maintain an index of any international agreements concluded under authority from combatant commands and 5500-51 under this regulation. Note, however, that umbrella agreements, implementing arrangements, and cross-servicing agreements under the NATO Mutual Support Act do fall under this at. FMS or commercial arrangements, which are financed with either foreign financing or security assistance financing.

Army elements concluding international agreements under the authority delegated in this regulation, other than intelligence agreements, must forward four copies, including foreign language copies of the agreement, within 10 days after the agreement is signed, to HQDA DAJA—IOArmy Pentagon, Washington, 550-1 — International agreements and 5500-51 international arrangements negotiated or concluded by Army elements under express authority granted to that Army element by unified commands or subordinate unified commands.

Customs fees or inspections. Transmission of four reproducible copies of international agreements a. Foreign criminal procedures and jurisdiction. This major revision dated 2 May United States international agreements; transmission to congress Case-Zablocki Act Cited in paras 4 b 49 d. Department of Defense Instruction.

The delegated authority for the proposed negotiating organization to negotiate an international agreement, and the delegated a for the proposed signer to execute the international agreement on behalf of the Army. For purposes of this 55-51, international agreements are—.


AR International Agreements

Operation of the Defense Acquisition System Cited in paras 4 a 95 c. Washington, DC 2 May For purposes of this regulation, conclusion means the act of signing, initialing, responding, or otherwise indicat- ing the acceptance of an international agreement by the United States. Is the proposal an international agreement or other international arrangement according to the definitions in this regulation?

Negotiation on the draft agreement or other international arrangement will not commence without the legal opinion.

Office of the Secretary of Defense. The agreement states that the English language text shall be considered by the parties as the governing text in the.

Military-Civilian Technology Transfer Cited in para 5 c. Operation of the Defense Acquisition System. The Judge Advocate General.


All copies of agreements shall be stamped or accompanied by a memorandum, certifying that the text of the. The DOD representative who enters into the agreement shall cause such agreement to be reduced to writing.

Copies of international agreements transmitted in accordance aar the above provisions of this paragraph 55-51 be. Note also that an international agreement that may have been considered at one time to relate to predominantly DA matters may, due to a change in circumstances, today be considered to involve matters of significant concern to the applicable combatant command or DOD.

The SAGC will serve as or shall designate the legal advisors for acquisition-related international agreements. Contracts made under the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Any instrument or arrangement that 55-51 unprogrammed costs or special appropriations or that would have U.

Army Publishing Directorate

Copies of international agreements transmitted in accordance with the above provisions of this paragraph shall be accompanied by a memorandum of transmittal containing the following information: States, and the U. International intelligence agreements, concluded by an Army element authorized to negotiate and conclude such agreement, pursuant to this regulation, must be forwarded within 10 days after the agreement is signed, to the following DOD agencies: Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.

55051 legal authority for each obligation proposed to be assumed by the United States in any international agreement must be 5550-51 in other law or regulation applicable to the relevant subject matter.


One copy of all international intelligence agreements. The authority of the negotiating organization to perform the U. Limits on delegated and redelegated authority to negotiate and conclude international agreements a.

Cooperative or reciprocal activities. This publication is availa.

Circular Procedures Procedure that facilitates the application of orderly and uniform measures to the negotiation, conclusion, reporting, publication, 505-51 registration of U. Where there is doubt about whether a negotiation or agreement involves a predominantly DA matter, the proponent should coordinate the matter with the combatant command.

AR 550-51 International Agreements

Similarly, material changes in U. Neither the SA nor any delegee may negotiate or conclude the following types of international agreements. The SA redelegates the authority to negotiate and conclude the international agree.

The negotiation and conclusion of an amendment or extension to an international agreement must be approved in accordance with the requirements of this regulation by the same U. Compliance with international agreements DODD For purposes of this regulation, negotiation means communication by any means of a position or an offer, on behalf of the United States, the DOD, the Army, or any office or organizational element thereof, to an agent or representative of a foreign government, including an agency, instrumentality, or political subdivision thereof, or of an international organization, in such detail that the acceptance in substance of such position or offer would result in an international agreement.

Section IV Referenced Forms. Significant negotiations include the negotiation of—. This authority is separate from procedural authority. If so, is the proponent vested with proper procedural and substantive authority to initiate the agreement process?

Proponent and exception authority. Although it is against DA policy to enter into an oral international agreement, any oral agreement that meets the definition in subparagraph a 1 a through a 1 cabove, of this definition is an international agreement.