AR 40-562 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering Army Regulation 40– BUMEDINST B AFI 48–_IP CG COMDTINST MG Medical Services Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis for the. Immunization records will be reviewed and required immunizations will be administered in accordance with AFJI 48–/AR 40–/BUMEDINST / CG.

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The proponent of this regulation is The Surgeon General. Posted in these groups: Which leads to constant revision of Vaccination schedules when new vaccines are introduced. A military physician must counsel the applicant. Already wr an account?

I will probably just say that there’s a chance I could be pregnant No, or not when I was in that I know of. A request for a waiver can be made based on conditions such as those described below. Sign Up with Facebook. Requests for religious exemption must include name, rank, social security number SSNoccupational specialty code or branch, and a description of the religious tenet or belief contrary to immunization.

Yes there are numerous steps that will have to be followed and it can be and usually is a very long process.


This regulation is applicable during mobilization Sign Up with Google. I could be wrong. What are our rights regarding vaccine exemptions for my children who will be in daycare?

Originally Posted by katiematie. User Name Remember Me? Army Reserve unless otherwise stated. I totally believe it. This publication is a major revision. AR states the qualifications to receive a religious exemption. Family members receive vaccinations according to current ACIP recommendations.


I have a friend ae is looking for excemption letters and I think they’re still using Tricare. It also applies to the followin: Healthcare Specialist Combat Medic.

DoD policy is that Military Wr will use the first-available vaccine doses to 40–562 operational effectiveness, and protect the most vulnerable populations by vaccinating military units that are deployed or will deploy, and other DoD personnel that represent or support critical missions, as well as high risk groups listed ae the most current recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices ACIP.

Boards Some had severe reactions So the Army has to weigh any procedure against any potential claim against the Government. Best get started, might take a few dozen years. It was the most horrible military experience we have ever had, you wouldnt believe what a put my husband through just because he didnt want the flu shot.

The commander must counsel the individual and recommend approval or denial of the exemption request, by endorsement. See a list of selected resources below for direct links.

Uniformed Departments of the Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard including the active and reserve components of each Service ; non military persons under military jurisdiction; selected Federal employees; selected employees of DOD contractors; and family members and other health care beneficiaries eligible for care within the military health care system.

Send a private message to ClothDiaperMePlease.

Posted 2 y ago. AR and AR have very strict qualifications for a religious exemption. SGT Join to see. Visit our Ask 8 Kiosk to explore a variety of FREE educational materials, from posters and brochures to embeddable web graphics and other resources. Going to Korea in only to be greeted with some shots in the arms – then came the big daddy of shot. Basically it’s so convoluted to be nearly impossible, and can be revoked in case of imminent threat.


Mommy to Spencer 5. Find More Posts by katiematie. I am in the Armed Services and am being told that I have to take anthrax vaccines and other vaccines I don’t want to take. Log In with Google.

Talk with other moms about parenting. The Army had to show the Court who specifically was required to get the Anthrax injection and that it was safe. To my knowledge though, medical readiness trumps it all. Permanent arr for religious reasons will not be granted.

You are free to sign ART15 for refusing an order, and then the separation paperwork that will follow shortly though. Send a private message to katiematie.

This would probably save a af more time and head ache in the long run. Originally Posted by HadassahSukkot Do you know if there is something similar to this that would apply for dependents of those in the Navy? Or you fight the system like hellsuch as Sikhs did and won.

Find More Posts by loveskilts. He is still mocked by his peers to this day about it.

Military Vaccine Requirements FAQs – NVIC

These polices are further explained. So if you are to be PCS’d or deployed to an area with endemic typhoid, you’re getting the shot. Originally Posted by HadassahSukkot.