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This nucleus diameter appears to be only about m.

In this case, the time factor becomes im- portant. Its density changes as a function of depth because of sublimation of ices and condensation of vapours. Approximattion only regions of the comet that are accessible to remote observation and in-situ measurements are the surface of the nucleus and the coma.

Another volume on comets is in preparation for this series. Since below a depth of the order of metres to several tens of metres, the comet nucleus as a whole never reaches a steady state, the initial conditions play an important role.

Although they are characterized by different assumptions, it is generally morvan3.ddvi that the most important processes deter- mining the observed cometary phenomenology are limited to the morgan3.dvi see, e. The physical details for formation of the Solar System and the sequence of formation of comet morvan3.evi in it are active areas of research. Thus, the second term on the left side of Eq.


As a comet moves in its orbit around the Sun, the insolation changes inversely with the square of the heliocentric distance except at heliocentric distances of just a few solar radii, where the Sun cannot be considered as a point source.

It also has the ability to trap molecules of low sublimation temperature that are later expelled during the crystallization process.

approximation file morvan3 PDFs / eBooks

There are dust-rich and dust-poor comets. Some gas is held so tightly that it is released only when the ice sublimates.

Results for some values of f r. The processes for vapourisation and sublimation are similar to those of effusion, except for the number of molecules in the vapour phase, and thus the gas flux, is restricted by the vapour pressure approximatjon determined from the Clausius-Clapeyron equation.

Amorphous wa- ter ice has physical properties that are different from those of crystalline ice. In a high-density nucleus, on the other hand, phase transition episodes are infrequent, occur farther away from the Sun and extend to greater depths.

In this very simple model, as ice sublimates from the porous matrix of the nucleus, either near the surface or in the interior, dust particles are approxkmation into the gas vapour stream and entrained by it. Results from morvan.dvi different algorithms of Model 4a see Fig.

However, in these areas the gas flow from sublimating ice converges, making dust entrainment more efficient, i. Their fragility asso- ciated with the progressive mass loss suggests that nuclei have not been heated significantly during formation or during their existence before they enter the inner Solar System.


BibTeX bibliography

Clearly, pore enlargement may arrest the development of an instability. Strazzulla and Johnson suggested that in the Oort cloud the external 0. Skip to main content. Sintering is governed by the interactions between its microscopic components.

Another open question concerns molecular nitrogen. A major goal for comet nucleus modeling is to provide the mixing ratio of species in the nucleus. Finally, it can simulate the heterogeneity of comet nuclei.

When ice on the surface of a comet nucleus sublimates, it leaves behind the dust that was embedded within the ice. The amorphous ice is able to trap gases probably because of the open structure of this phase of ice. From an observational point of view, the distinction between asteroids and comets is not as clear as it was in the past. These samples were selected to be representative of possible comet nucleus compositions and the ambient conditions were chosen to investigate the samples under space conditions.

As can be inferred, there is a wide range of uncertainty. Dust Entrainment and Dust Mantling 49 3. Gas Diffusion in Pores 35 3. Mod- els, as listed in Table