To convert from a Java Applet to an application: Delete import *;. applet code=”” width= height=>. To building the applet code two classes of java library are essential namely Applet and Graphics. The Applet class is contained in package provides. An Applet is the special type of Java program that is run on web browser. The Applet class provides the standard interface between applet and browser.

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Applets do not support file system. We can also do so by calling stop Method explicitly.

The “Hello World” Applet

Getting a message printed through Applet import java. Applet Lrograming Cycle It is derived from the Applet class. An applet class does not have main method and it extends the java. Eliminate the main jva in the application. It may also get its parameters in the paint method.

Save the above program: Supply a subclass of the JApplet class. The output may be test, graphics, or sound. In these situations you must start an additional thread of execution. It cannot work with native methods of system. The paint method is actually inherited from the java. An applet cannot access the client-side resources. Unlike with applications, where java calls the main method directly to initiate the execution of the program, when an applet is loaded java automatically calls a series of Applet class methods for starting running and stopping the applet code.


Override the default implementation to insert custom initialization code. The applet calls parseSquareSize to parse the squareSize parameter. The following example demonstrates how to make an applet respond to setup parameters specified in the document. So, when the applet called the start Method it is called its running state. Applet itself cannot run or modify any application on the local system. Such files are referred to as HTML files.

Testing the applet code. Applets are used for creating Graphical Programs.

An untrusted applet has no access to local machine. The comments are optional and can be included anywhere in the web page. After an applet arrives on the client it has limited access to resources, so that it can produce an arbitrary multimedia user interface and run complex computations without introducing the role of viruses or breaching data integrity.

A web page kava basically made up of text and HTML tags that can be interpreted by a web browser or an applet viewer.

There are significant differences between applets and stand alone java applications. The Applet class is contained in java.

The viewer or browser looks for the compiled Java code at the location of the document. Buliding an applet code. All output operations of an applet are performed using the methods defined in the graphics class.

A Simple Applet Example – Hello World!

To building the applet code two classes of java library are essential namely Applet and Graphics. Applets have very less response time, because it works at client side.


Applets can contain many controls such as push button check boxes. The Following will be saved with named FirstJavaApplet. Limitations of Applets Applets require a Java plug-in to execute. Because applets are meant to live on an HTML page, you should not normally leave resources behind after a user leaves the page that contains the applet.

The code given can be as follows: Advantages of Applets Applets are supported by most web browser. So, it ht user leaves a web page and come back, the applet resumes execution at start. The syntax of paint method which requires a Graphic object as an argument, is app,et as follows: Otherwise, the applet cannot be loaded.

The viewer calls init once, immediately after loading the applet. The JVM can be either a plug-in of the Web browser or a separate runtime environment. It also specifies the display area for the applet output as pixels width and pixels height.

It is called by browser or applet viewer only once. Display state Applet Life Cycle Methods 1. It describes the color, location, sound etc.