Antonio. Pigafetta wrote one of the most influential journals of the 16th century in , which recorded the events of the Mallegan voyage around the world. About the diary: The version used here is The First Voyage Round the World by Antonio Pigafetta, translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley as reproduced in. By Antonio Pigafetta. Original text, with translation, notes and bibliography by James Alexander Robertson. (Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark Company.

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Nevertheless when they saw the trick which had been played them, they began to be enraged, [48] and to foam like bulls, crying out very loud Setebos, [49] that is to say, the great devil, that he should help them.

When this giant was unwell [92] he asked for the cross, and embraced and kissed it joudnal, and he wished to become a Christian before his death, and we named him Paul.

I was assured that this custom was true by a pilot, named John Carvagio, who was in our company, and had remained four years in this place; it is also to be observed that the inhabitants of this place, both men and women, are accustomed to paint themselves with fire, all over the body, and also the face.

But in going away one of those two who were sent away, untied his hands and escaped, running with such lightness that our men lost sight of him, and he went away where his companions were staying; but he found nobody of those that he had left with the women because they had gone to hunt.

Citing articles via Google Scholar. The captain therefore said to him that if God permitted him antonnio return another time to this country, he would bring so many men that he would put them by force under his obedience.

The second old woman takes one of the strips of palm cloth, and dances, and also sounds her trumpet; thus they dance and sound their trumpets for a short space of time, saying several things to the sun. This the king granted, and I went with another. The captain on that occasion approved of the gift which I had made to the queen of the image of the Infant Jesus, and recommended her to put it in the place of her idols, because it was a remembrancer of the Son of God.

We passed the Cape Verd and the neighbouring islands in fourteen-and-a-half degrees, and we navigated for several days by the coast of Guinea or Ethiopia; where there is a mountain called Sierra Leona, which is in eight degrees latitude according to the art and science of cosmography and astrology.

The king thanked him, and answered that there were two islands the inhabitants of which were his enemies; however, that for the present it was not the time to attack them. However, this man who had been taken prisoner found means to run away, and told how they had wished to eat him, showing the bite which the said old woman had made in his shoulder. He had a large face, painted red all round, and his eyes also were painted yellow around them, and he had two hearts painted on his cheeks; he had but little hair on his head, and it was painted white.


The people of the said place gave, in order to have a knife, or a hook [21] for catching fish, five or six fowls, and for a comb they gave two geese, and for a small mirror, or a pair of scissors, they gave so much fish that ten men could have eaten of it. When the captain-general knew all this, he sent to fetch him with his ship’s boat, and brought him to one of the little islands which are in the port, where the ships were.

About Antonio Pigafetta | The Philippine Diary Project

Round the room there were many vases of porcelain, with embers in them, on which, from time to time, they threw myrrh, storax, and benzoin, which gave out a good and strong smell in the room. Jojrnal the captain-general said that there was another strait for going out, and said that he knew it well, because he had seen it by a marine chart of the King of Portugal, which map had been made by a great pilot and mariner named Martin of Bohemia.

The Journal of Antonio Pigafetta By. After having passed the two columns we came to another place named Coria, and passing by many little villages lying along the said river, at last we arrived at a castle, which belongs to the Duke of Medina Sidonia, named St.

Then the captain asked him if he had any enemies who made war upon him, and that if he had any he would go and defeat them with his men and ships, to put them under his obedience. Leroy; Magellan’s Voyage around the World.

In order that our ships might not perish nor broach to [16] as it often happens when the squalls come together antonip, we struck our sails, and in that manner we went about the sea hither and thither until the fair weather came. At last they said they did not know what more to answer to so many good and beautiful words which he spoke to them, but that they placed themselves in his hands, and that he should do with them as with his own servants.

This line of delimitation is thirty degrees distant from the meridian, [] pivafetta the meridian [] is three degrees distant from the Cape Verd towards the pigafetts. They do this because they are very jealous of their wives. We remained seven days in this place; then we took the tack of Maestral, passing through the midst of five isles, that kournal to say, Ceylon, Bohol, Canighan, Baibai, and Satighan.


When the giant saw his likeness in it, he was greatly terrified, leaping backwards, and made three or four of our men fall down.

Journal of Magellan’s Voyage – World Digital Library

Subject Date – It is to be known that it happened that it journa not rained for two months before we came there, and the day that we arrived it began to rain, on which account the people of the said place said that we came from heaven, and had brought the rain with us, which was great simplicity, and these people were easily converted to the Christian faith.

When these giants have a stomach-ache, instead of taking medicine they put down their throats an arrow about two feet long; then they vomit a green bile [52] mixed with blood: While Magellan put down mutinies, lost two of his five ships, negotiated with native kings, baptized all willing pagans, and got himself killed in the Philippines, Pigafetta kept a diary, survived a poison arrow wound, and was one of the almost literally skeleton crew aboard the only ship to make it back home.

Sign In Forgot jouurnal The work is attributed to Antonio Pigafetta, a Venetian scholar who was born in Vincenza, Italy, around and who accompanied Magellan on the voyage. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.

sntonio Glasses are much prized in this country. Michael church where the Pigafettas had a antonik tomb. These two capes are exactly in fifty-two degrees of latitude of the antarctic pole. Besides that, he said that all the captains who came to his country had been accustomed to make a present to him, and he to them, and therefore they should ask their captain if he would observe the custom.

Some of them ran to the fire, which consumed twenty or thirty houses, and there killed two of our men. The antojio drawing was based on a statue in the Civic Ppigafetta of Vicenza, originally coming from St. The pattern of their small boats is painted here-after, they are like the fuseleres, [] but narrower. Australian National University Library.

In this place they found incense, and ostriches, foxes, sparrows, and rabbits [62] a good deal smaller than ours. Four of our men were chosen to despatch and sell this merchandise.

This the captain agreed to. The Journal of Pigafetta begins with this introduction: But the narrative retains that great primary-source charm; it ranges from high points reminiscent of Gulliver’s Travels to low points resembling a quaint geography-ethnology text.

For if they did not, otherwise the trees would dry up.