Anthocleista nobilis. Family Name: LOGANIACEAE. Local Name: Wudifokete/ Bontodee. Uses As Per Literature: A root decoction is commonly taken to treat. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Pharmacological Screening of Anthocleista nobilis Root Bark | Pharmacological activities of the root bark of A. nobilis were. Anthocleista nobilis, Loganiaceae, Root Bark, Secoiri doid, Anthocleistol. The root bark of Anthocleista nobilis is used in Nige ria against liver diseases, malaria .

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Lignans and Triterpenes from the root of Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var atropurpureum. The bark contains the quinoline alkaloid brucine and the monoterpene glycoside loganoside loganine. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden The fasting blood glucose FBG of the animals was monitored for seven days.

J Biol Sci ;7: The incidence of diabetes mellitus is rising at an alarming rate but the conventional drugs used for its management have many limitations. Amthocleista, Nauclea latifolia smith and Napoleona imperialis p. Anthocleista nobilis Aluka – Anthocleista nobilis G.

Anthocleista nobilis

Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of some Jordanian medicinal plants extracts. Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of phenolic acids alkyl esters. Email this to a friend Noilis Share on facebook Tweet this. Does the interdependence between oxidative stress and inflammation explain the antioxidant paradox? DNA damage in arsenitic-and cadmium-treated bovine aortic endothelial cells. Phytochemical screening, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of formulation cream of silene vulgaris.


There are 1 news article citations related to Anthocleista nobilis G. Peak 4 Click here to view. Waterman made into a paste is applied locally to treat rheumatism. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of nobiliz methanolic leaf extract of traditionally used medicinal plants Mimusops elengi L. Gentianaceae – Systematics and Natural History.

Citation in news articles. The useful plants of West Tropical Africa. The wood is creamy or yellowish white, bobilis lustrous, light weight and soft but firm, easy to cut and finishing smoothly; it is not resistant to decay. Seeds obliquely ovoid-globose, anthocleisya. Several Anthocleista species are used for similar medicinal purposes and other West African Anthocleista species may be used as substitutes for Anthocleista nobilis. Annan K, Dickson R.

Some medicinal forest plants of Africa and Latin America. The Loganiaceae of Africa. Useful plants of Ghana: Anthocleista nobilis is a common constituent of disturbed forest in large parts of West Africa and is not threatened by genetic erosion.

High-pressure liquid chromatography chromatogram of ethyl acetate nobilks AC3 and ultraviolet chromatogram of triterpene acetate.

The ethyl acetate fraction and subfraction elicited the best anti-inflammatory activity. The constituents of the fractions were analyzed using high-pressure liquid chromatography HPLCand the components were identified by dereplication.

It possibly also occurs in Benin, Gabon and Congo. Twig bark of Anthocleista nobilis and Zanthoxylum gilletii De Wild.

The timber is of some economic value. It is used as a snthocleista, bath or vapour bath to treat leprosy, venereal diseases, oedema and scrotal elephantiasis. The leaves are collected from young trees or by climbing older ones.


Int J Pharmacogn ; There are 71 citation in scholarly articles related to Anthocleista nobilis G. Determination of polyphenols and free radicals scavenging activity of Tephrosia purpurea Linn.

Murugan R, Parimelazhagan T. BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands. A bark decoction is taken or used as vapour bath to treat fever, stomach-ache, leprosy, gonorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea. Effect of ethyl acetate chromatographic fraction of Anthocleista nobilis on xylene-induced topical inflammation Click here to view.

Publication Policies and Ethics. The present study was therefore designed to establish nlbilis hence validate the use of the plant for the anhocleista of diabetes. Antioxidant potential of the extracts and fractions was investigated using 2,2-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl free-radical scavenging method.

Anthocleista nobilis – Useful Tropical Plants

Don Gentianaceae is a plant used in the nobilus management of diabetes. Toxicological screening of the ethanol root bark extracts of two Anthocleista species World Appl Sci J ; Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Showing 0 of 0 comments. Anthocleista nobilis is widely used throughout its antjocleista area as a strong purgative and diuretic. Antiviral effect of Anthocleista nobilis root extract on the biochemical indices of poultry fowls infected with New castle Disease Virus NDV.

Ghana University Press; Evaluation of the antiplasmodial activity of the methanolic root extracts Anthocleista nobils G.