characteristics of the various types of antennas listed in Table . II- Antenna E- plane: Circumferential direction of spacer. 0. Am plitude [d. B] Ver 8 • 08/ surface temperature from C. The sensor operates over a long distance via the relay and coordinator network covering a very large field as shown in the chart Figure 1. The IRT may be . Part no is SPIP-ACC24, and is an exposed antenna. See Zigbee packet or for further details. 0. CQ-C/CU. Removable Full Front MP3 WMA CD Player/Receiver with Full Dot Matrix Display and. CD Changer .. Wiring diagram, upgrading the system 1, upgrading the system 2, speaker 2/Ver. 8/Ver.9* 64 kbps− kbps No Antenna. The antenna lead is a thick, black wire with a metal plug at the end.

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Press the [MENU] key to open the menu.

Its on-screen appearance looks like many bright dots either scattered at random or in the form of dotted lines extending from the center to the edge of the display. Temperature Chooses source of water temperature data.

If the fuse blows, find out the cause before replacing it.

Nav Data Display 3. A set of combination screens, corresponding to the full-screen selected, appears.


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A-scope display display only The A-scope display, available in all modes, shows echoes at each transmission with amplitudes and tone proportional to their intensities, on the right of the screen. Press the [MENU] key to show the menu. It can be turned on or off as below. Therefore, you are not usually required to select them.

Broadband Planar Antennas – ppt video online download

When ships, islands, landmasses, etc. Sea clutter may affect radar performance because real targets are sometimes hidden by the echoes of small waves. Depth Unit Chooses unit of depth measurement. Furuno And Navcharts 3. You may show or hide this marker as desired. To reduce interference, do the following: Working With Track 3.

It is shown in black when the amount of cross-track error is within the XTE monitor range and yellow when it is over. A route name may consist of six characters; comment, 13 characters.

A waypoint is the simplest piece of information your equipment requires to get you to a destination, in the shortest distance possible. Open the chart card slot lid. Nav Data Display Setup The charrt data display provides various navigation data, fed from a navigator, network equipment, etc.

Furuno NAVNET 1722 Operator’s Manual

Appropriate pulselengths are preset to individual range scales. Marine Radar Furuno User Manual 33 pages.

Adjusting The Ftc 2. Turn off the automatic clutter suppression if applicable. In addition, you can display information about an icon by placing the cursor on it. To turn the past position display on or off: Page 71 – Displaying target number internal, exte Each radar pulse anhenna causes it to transmit a response which is swept repetitively across the complete radar frequency band.


That portion, usually wires or rods, of. Select a TCPA limit. Waypoints In navigation terminology, a waypoint is a particular cbart on a voyage whether it be a starting, intermediate or destination point.

Keyboard, Remote Controller Test 7. Page Simple route: Page erasing own ship’s by area Loading Waypoint Data From Yeoman 6.


Furuno will accept no responsibility for the use of the signal for other than the anetnna stated purpose. Page 37 To adjust the receiver gain, transmit antenns long range, and then do the following: Keep heater away from equipment. Australia and Tasmania Island Correct chart and suitable scale – full chart reliability. This function requires position and heading data.

Manual Sounder Operation Manual operation is useful for observing fish schools and bottom using fixed gain setting.